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Gifts for Teachers

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-The holidays are the perfect time for your kids to show their appreciation for their teacher, and a small gift is a great way to do that, but what do you give? We'll hear from Scholastic Book with some great ideas now is Sarah Senek. Thank you so much for coming in. -Sure. Thanks for having me. -Thank you. When you think of teachers, a lot of us think of apples or apple knick knacks or things like that, but the truth is it's really not what they want for the holidays or any time for that matter, is it? -Right. Well, teachers, you know, they're the most important, really the most important person in your child's life, and you wanna be able to give something, you know, appreciation back to them. And I think something from the heart really makes a big impact, and we talked to teachers that's classic all the time and they, you know, they tell us some of these wonderful heartfelt gifts that they've gotten they keep, they cherish. And it makes them so proud of what they do every day because it's all about making an impact on the child's life and little gift can make such a difference. -You really need to give back to them and the holidays is just a great time. -It really is. -Okay. So, let's talk about some gifts from the heart that you mentioned, some thoughtful gifts. Let's start with this book down at the end, this is adorable. -Well here you can make your teacher a scrapbook and I think this is a really nice way to be creative, and you can take, you know, all the different activities you're doing in the classroom whether it's your favorite book that you like to read or the favorite field trip you go on, if you went in a museum with your school. -[unk]. -Document some of the great things you did that year, and your teacher can hold on to that, and really remember, you know, what a wonderful year they had together. -And teachers often as everyone does like to read. -Yes. -And this is a really clever idea. Tell us about this. -You can make a bookmark, very simple, you know, or you can find some scrap paper, construction paper that we have at home. This one we did here was a [unk] Velvet Art Kit which his really fun and elaborate to do, and you can just attach a book-- you know, I guess [unk] to a bookstore; Barnes & Noble, Borders, here we have the Scholastic Bookstore. Give you teacher, you know, a book certificate and that is a wonderful gift and they will really appreciate because what a teacher doesn't want to buy more books in their classroom. -Gift certificates are always appreciated by teachers. -Yes. -Of course, now these little handmade ornaments for the holidays. -These are adorable. -And not only will the teacher really love them and appreciate them, I would imagine but it's fun for your child. -Yes, I think all these activities are great because the parents and kids can do them together. There are little ornaments or little, you know, little toys you can make out of any paper you have, and you can leave your teacher one in their mailbox every day, a week leading up to the holidays. -Oh, that's really sweet. -Yes. It's a little surprise for them to get a little toy in their mailbox and a little note from the child. -And what fun to make, I love little dog too. -It's adorable. -Handmade card, a note to show how much you appreciate everything they've done for you throughout the school year is a really nice gesture. -At the end of the day nothing says it better than a little note from a child to a teacher just to say, thanks, you know, what an impact we had-- you had on me this year, and what a great year we had. And, you know, that's something a child can do by themselves, wonderful activity. -I know in my children's school they're always looking for supplies for the classroom, they're always asking, "Can you bring in wipes or notebooks, or whatever it is." So this last idea is really, it's a really nice gesture for your teacher for the classroom. -We hear from teachers all the time at Scholastic that, you know, they spend so much money of that out of their own pocket, the things for the classroom. What a perfect gift that-- you know, you can even get the whole class together and they contribute, and you can build a supply basket, and hands to the teacher. And this can like see them through the year, I mean this is like everything a teacher needs, this is a survival basket. -Tell us about some of the things that you've included. -You could have everything, I mean Purell, I mean that's something-- -They all need that. -Every classroom needs Purell. -Tissues. -Tissues and just some of the basic supply that every teacher goes through, you know, paper clips and notebooks and folders, and organizers and, you know, these are things that you can find at Staples or even a discount retailer, and you can, you know, find a lot of [unk] things that a classroom could use, and they're really useful. I think a teacher would really appreciate that. -And something that, you know, you may not think of. -Absolutely, and you're right, besides mom and dad, teachers have got to be the most important person in your child's life. They're with them all throughout the day. -Yes. They have such an impact on your child. -Show them how much you care about what they're doing for your child and how much your child cares. -Yes. -Sarah Senek, thank you so much for coming in and showing us these great gift ideas. I think teachers are really gonna appreciate it. -I think so too. -And for more great holiday gift ideas, check out Thanks so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you again soon.