Maternity Swimwear

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-Chocolate is the eighth wonder, warm chocolate the ninth. Just seconds in the microwave and indulgence is served. Betty Crocker Warm Delights. You're just 3 minutes from heaven. -Finding the perfect summer swimsuit is tough especially if you're shopping for 2. So I hit the world's largest maternity store - Destination Maternity. This home of leading maternity brands - A Pea In The Pod, Mimi Maternity, and Motherhood Maternity - is full of swimwear solutions for moms to be. Destination Maternity President and Chief Creative Officer Rebecca Matthias says it's about having the right attitude. -People look at pregnant women through rose-colored glasses and they see beautiful women. You have to think that way too, and then you can really pull it off and you'll really have the confidence and know that you look great in your new suit. -And find the right fit. -You don't want the things falling off your shoulder, falling off your body. You want it to hug your body and where the belly is, you want the support that you need when you're newly pregnant, you know. It's all about the little tricks that we have to make your body look great and that's to make the bathing suit fit your body. -Whether you're looking for black and white or cool and colorful, Rebecca's going to show us some of the best suits for bringing your bump to the beach or the pool this summer. -Melissa's wearing one of favorite styles from Motherhood. And a couple of key points, first of all to tankini. So it-- you know, it fits you however tall, short, big, because it's 2 pieces, so you get a lot of extra room for moving around. Also, I think when you're pregnant you need a little more support - am I right? - so that you want maybe a molded cup, something that gives you a little more bust support because you are a little more voluptuous than you used to be. So, that's important too. I think the third thing is happy print? I think in bathing suits what really works well is a really great, colorful, you know, vib-- vibrant print, and I think we certainly have that here. This year Paisleys have been doing really well. So, a lot of things rolled into one make a great suit, and you look awesome. -Thank you. -Yeah. Hannah's wearing a piece from A Pea In The Pod, and she looks amazing and, you know, people look great when they're pregnant on their bathing suits. And a couple of key things I wanted to point out. One thing that's really popular this year in swimsuits is all the little details. So the buckle, the hardware really give it a special added extra. I also think the ruche side makes a great fit, and that's another detail that's worked really especially in bathing suits. Am I right? Because it kind of hugs your-- hugs your body and hugs the belly so even as she grows she can be 9 months-- you're only what, 4 months now-- and she could be 9 months pregnant and she's still gonna look great and get a great fit around the tummy which is so important. So, altogether I think amazing total look. Melissa is wearing the Mimi Maternity tankini now. Great black and white print and it fits her great as you can see. And I'm so glad that she put on the cover-up because I think it's really important. When you buy a bathing suit for the beach, you have a cover up so when you go in to get the drink or getting hamburger, you have something to put on and, you know, you can be in style - something that matches your-- your suit. So that's a great piece to add. The other thing I love about the suit it's got-- it has the halter top, and I think you get a lot more support with a halter. You can adjust it, and again you do want more support when you're pregnant, so it's a great style if you are you are pregnant. -However you decide to adorn your bun in the sun, be sure to stay true to your style. -If you're the daring person that wears the bikini, go ahead and wear that bikini. If you wanna cover up, we have suits with more coverage. If you like prints then wear the prints. Whatever your style was before you were pregnant you don't have to change that. You can have the same great fashion. You can look just as fabulous as you did before. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives.