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Visiting the Doctor

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-If there is one thing a new mom can expect, it's plenty of trips to the pediatrician. But how do you find the right doctor, and what can mom expect during those visits? Well, is teaming up with State Farm Insurance for a special series called "Welcome Home Baby" to help you pick the right doctor for your baby. -My name is Danielle. I have a son, he's a month old. His name is Michael. He's a great baby. He loves to eat all the time, and he likes to get up at night and party. And he likes when daddy holds him. Seems like he's getting bigger and bigger by the minute. So today, we're going to see Dr. Pete. It's Michael's third visit, and we're gonna be just checking his weight, make sure that he's growing properly, see how he is eating and sleeping, and make sure that everything is going good with him. -I'm Dr. Pete Richel, and I'm the general pediatrician here in Mount Kisco, New York. -When I was pregnant, I did go on interviews looking for the right pediatrician. I wanted a pediatrician that would speak to me, not at me. I was looking for somebody that was very knowledgeable. -How are you, my dear? -Hi, Dr. Pete. -And very personable, and nurturing with children. -He's beautiful, and he's thriving. -Uh-huh. -But you know what? I'll move right over here-- -Okay. -if you are scared. -And he just makes me feel very at ease. -We'll warm the stethoscope for you. Oh, it's so good. -Oh. -Oh, love the heart. He sounds wonderful. His skin color is great, it's toned, looks terrific. This is a measure of not only the growth of the bones of the skull-- -Uh-huh. -but the growth of the developing brain. His gums look great. No thrush or yeast infection. Go, just to press that tongue in. -Oh. -Oh, done. Who did that? -Expecting parents should begin to choose their pediatrician early in the pregnancy. First, I would suggest that one checks with family members that live in the same area, and friends and co-workers. Word of mouth is very powerful. Secondly, expectant parents can ask their obstetrician for a recommendation or referral. And finally, I suggest prenatal visits. They usually carry no fee or obligation to continue in that office. -Oh, look. The stepping reflex. There you have it. So, we're checking his tone. See that he keeps his head up and his pelvis up. He is not flopping. -Uh-huh. -Like a wet [unk] on new. So, that's a very good tone. -Good boy. -That's neuromuscular tone. Now, we can wrap him up, and we'll sit and talk. -When you're preparing to come to pediatrician, do not be afraid to bring a list of questions. You may forget some, so you'll want them to be written down. And frankly, no question should be regarded as too small. Well, first of all, his exam was wonderful, and I'm very, very happy. Secondly, his growth. Let's go to the growth curves. You know, we have height, weight and head circumference-- -Uh-huh. -as we just did. And the normal range, of course, is the white, shaded area. So, we plot birth and now. Length, birth to now, wonderful. -The most important thing to remember to bring with you is your immunization record. We wanna accurately log the dates that your child receives his or her shots. -I love Dr. Pete. He does a great job. He's very thorough. I was so happy. He's thriving, getting big. And we'll be back in two months to see him again. Right? -And there's a lot more to know about bringing home a baby. So, keep it on this channel. You'll find source on everything, from installing a car seat to designing a nursery-- all courtesy of State Farm Insurance.