Baby Food

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-There are many benefits of making your own baby food. I'm here with Alisa Gaylord of Gaia Baby who is gonna teach us how. -So, the benefits of making your own baby food is that your food is packed with nutrients. -Okay. -And it's fresh. -Okay. So, what are we making today? -We are making a butternut squash, pear with a hint of chili powder puree. -The chili powder, why is there chili powder? -Chili powder is just to give your baby some extra flavor. As you know, when you're-- when you are pregnant-- -We both are right now. -We both are. Your baby is getting all the flavors that you're ingesting. -Okay. -So, your baby is used to lots of flavor. So, don't shy away-- -[unk] about it. -The first step is to cut the butternut squash-- -Oh yum. -into cubes. -Okay. -Put in a touch of vegetable oil. -Vegetable oil, I would think you just want to cut it to cubes. -The vegetable oil, you do cut it into cubes, but the vegetable oil just adds a little of roasting flavor to it. -Okay. -It's not gonna hurt the baby at all. -Okay. -You cook it for 15 minutes-- -Okay. -to 25. -Okay. -And then once they're out, you can see these-- -A little chomp on it right now. -Nice, caramelized. -Okay. -You put them into the processor. -Or just keep the squash in there first? -We'll put the squash in first. -Okay. -Okay. And so for the pear, is this just-- What type of pear is it? Does it matter? -It doesn't matter. It's whatever you like-- -Okay. -or what's fresh available in your grocery. I cook them on the stovetop for about 15 minutes until they're soft. Time wise, it's very short. It takes maybe an hour to prep and make 2 different batches. -Oh perfect. So now, we've got this all set here in the Cuisinart. So, should we start blending this away? When do we add the chili powder? -You can just add the chili powder in right now. -Okay. -Again, it's just a hint of chili powder. -So, we're gonna put the lid on. -And puree. You know, you'll mix it until it's pureed. -Okay. -And you can leave that up to your individual baby's age. So what we've done here though, this combination is after your baby has had butternut squash and pears on its own to make sure that they're not allergic. -And then it can be [unk] -Okay. And you can blend them together. -So, can I try and taste? -Absolutely. -This is so good. You don't need to use a chili powder. -No, it's just a hint of chili powder. You wont miss it, but your baby will. -Wow. Well, hopefully you'll try this recipe at home. I'm your mom mentor, Erin Shirey. -Don't go away. Another Parent TV on-demand video is coming up next. -Strollers, monitors, bouncy seats. The list goes on and on. Who knew you need so much stuff for one little person, right? Well, there's a lot out there to choose from. So, executive editor of Tom Samiljan stopped by the studio to show us some of the best high tech products out there for you and your baby. Thanks for stopping in. -Thanks for having me. Who knew you need so much for one little person? -I know. Well, especially today with moms also working and doing all kinds of stuff, gadgets really help out. -Now, you've brought some great ones in today. Let's start with this music system. Now, you can actually play music in different areas of the house, but different songs. -Right. Exactly. This is the Sonos Digital Music System. -Uh-huh. -It lets you play different playlists from your computer in different rooms in the house so you can play, say, Maroon 5 in the kitchen for yourself and the Wiggles in the nursery. -That's good so you don't have to always hear the Wiggles. -Exactly. -And this monitor is great because it's not only audio, but you've got video too and you can carry this around. No more big huge video monitors. -Exactly. This is the Guardian Angel Baby Monitor. And, you know, as you said, it's great. It works up to 300 feet away. You can carry it around. That little LCD screen will have video and audio of your baby. So, it's really handy and it's only around $130. -So important for moms because if you can't hear anything, you need to be able to see that your baby is okay. -Exactly. -Great idea. Now, I love this little guy. Slumber Bear. -Yes, exactly. This is the Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear. -Uh-huh. -And it has a little audio box inside that plays actually recordings of intrauterine womb sounds. -Okay. Let's turn it on here. Sort of lift it up to my mike. -Exactly. -It's in here. -It's kind of a white house sort of a sound that lulls the baby into sleep. it even has motion sensors inside. So, if the baby falls asleep and then wakes up let's say 20 minutes later, it will go on again and the baby will fall back asleep. -And it's so important to have that because the baby needs to hear the sound that they heard for 9 months in the womb. -Exactly. -Okay. -Exactly. -Okay. Now, this little phone. -This is the Nokia N95. -Uh-huh. -This is a really great phone. I know moms love taking pictures of their babies. -Right. -And this will take the best possible pictures, but also be your phone. So, you don't have to carry tons of stuff around with you. It's got high speed data so you can check your e-mail. -Right. -Upload photos quickly to the internet. -Really the most important thing, the pictures of the baby, right? -Absolutely. And it's got a great screen so you can even show pictures of the baby to anybody very quickly. -Fantastic. The breast pump. This is a very fancy model here. -Absolutely. This is a limited edition. It is actually faster than a lot of other breast pumps, which is really good for working moms. It's hospital grade. The limited edition basically means it's also chic. So, you have this really cool bag. You've got this little carrying case for bottles. And here is the breast pump itself. -Now, if you want a fancy ride, the Bugaboo stroller. -Absolutely. This is the SUV of strollers. It's got all kinds of features I can't even talk about here because they're so many. But basically, it's got a seat that can go in 2 different directions. It's got handle bars that will go at 2 different-- 3 different levels. It has really high tough wheels that will go over all kinds of surfaces like sand and, you know, cobblestone streets. -Uh-huh. -All kinds of stuff. Plus, you can steer it with one hand so moms who are, you know, busy talking on the phone or Blackberrying, you know, in a pinch, you can steer it. -Exactly. Serious luxury ride for your little-- -Absolutely. -little guy or girl. Tom Samiljan, thank you so much for stooping by. I want one of every product here and I bet moms out there do too. -Thank you. -Thank you.