Hanukkah Crafts

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-Hi, everybody. I'm Julie O'Clare and this is Parents TV and we are getting ready for Hanukkah today. I'm so happy to have my daughter, Daniela, in the studio. Hi, honey. -Hi. -Hi. -She's gonna help us make a special craft and, joining us is Parents Magazine's Lifestyle Director, Amanda Kingloff to show us how to make an adorable menorah with the kids. It'll be a great addition to your festival of lights celebration. Thanks so much for coming in again. -Thanks so much for having me. -Excited for Hanukkah, honey? -Yeah. -How many gifts you think you'd get this year? How many nights is Hanukkah? -Probably 8. -Oh, you think so. -Okay. -All right. -We'll see about that, but let's- -Tell us about this great idea. -Okay. The idea of this menorah was a menorah that kids could have and play with and light themselves, so to speak. -So, it's safe. -Without candles and matches and lighters and all that stuff. Exactly. So, what you'll need for this craft is wooden spools. I got these old wooden spools on eBay, but you can also buy wooden spools in the wooden supply- the craft store. You also need these little pencil eraser toppers- -Okay. -And some acrylic paint and some colored pencil. -So, you can choose any color you like, but- -Right. -Be sort of look like a frame. -Right. Yeah. I picked out the red and orange and yellow ones for the flame. And then, you need some number stickers. -Okay. And so, you take each out and, every night, when the family lights the menorah, you put one of yours- -Exactly. -One of the pencils in. -Yeah. -What a great idea. -So, to get started, we need- we each need to get a spool. So, you wanna take one of the big ones. And I came up with this way to paint spools so you don't get paint all over your fingers. If you take just a regular pencil- -Uh-huh. -And you put a rubber band around it. You have one, too. -Right. -And then, if you slip this spool on top of it, it's great like- -Like a nice holder. -Okay. -Right. -So, we each pick a number. Do you wanna do 1 and I'll do 2? -I'll do 1. -And I will get number 2. And you're just gonna put it sort of right in the middle of your spool. You're gonna press it really hard down because you don't want the paint to get underneath it. So, it's all nice and snug. And then, you could take a sponge brush. I like sponge brushes because the bristles would get under the sticker, otherwise. -Okay. -So, you take a sponge brush. And then, you just sort of dab the paint onto your spool. It's best to dab over the number sticker. -Oh, yeah. -On the other part, you can really- on the- just the wooden part, you can really brush on. -Okay. -But when you hit the sticker- -You wanna dab enough brush in. -You really wanna dab. And then, you just- you're gonna paint all the way around the sides and the top. These are acrylic paints. They dry really quickly and they are safe for kids to use. -Okay. So, I have one that's painted and, here, it has the number 6 on it. -Uh-huh. -And so, all you have to do is just peel the sticker off and there you have- -Look at that. -Your number. -That's a nice one. -In this way, teach the kids which order the candles are lit- -Uh-huh. -During the 8 nights of Hanukkah. -Okay. And tell us about, now, the finished version we have over here. -So, the finished version- I've decided to use colored pencils. I think they're really fun. -Uh-huh. -And you just slip the colored pencil right into the spool. -Okay. -Top it with a flame. -Uh-huh. -And there you go. And there you go and you just put them in order from right to left instead of left to right. -A safe version of the menorah. -Yes. -Oh, and it's fantastic, Amanda. Thank you. -Did you have fun, honey? -Yeah. -You're doing a great job. You wanna keep going? -Yeah. -Okay. You keep doing that and, if you like more tips on how to make the menorah or for other great craft ideas, you can log on to Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you again next time. You painted my thumb.