Wonder Pets

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-If you have a preschooler at home, you've probably seen an episode or two or three of the "Wonder Pets." I watch it all the time with my kids at home. Well, we are behind the scenes of the hit show in New York City where we're gonna talk to the creator of the "Wonder Pets", see how an episode is put together, and meet the adorable girls who lend their voices to Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming, too. -Wonder pets, wonder pets, we're on our way to help a little bee and save the day. -They're cute, cuddly, and brave. They're the Wonder Pets, classroom pets by day-- -The phone. The phone is ringing. -But after school, Linny the guinea pig, turtle Tuck, and Ming-Ming duckling become superheroes who rescue baby animals in need. -There's an animal in trouble. -There's an animal in trouble. -There's an animal in trouble somewhere. -They're superheroes but they don't have any superpowers. We really wanted for the show to be about teamwork. And we feel that young kids often don't have anything really that exceptional in terms of their skill level. But what they do have is the ability to work together to do great things. -We have to help Teddy. -Speaking of doing great things-- -Come on, Wonder Pets. -Meet Josh Selig. -Good. Okay, one more time. Slow and more natural. Here we go. -The creator of the "Wonder Pets," a show that's a favorite among kids and popular with adults, too, -A little bee-- -bumping into flowers. -This is serious. -Josh has a long history with children's television, beginning at the age of 4, when he landed a role on Sesame Street. -I didn't really understand that it was a TV show because you go into the set, and all you think you're on a city street. -Years later, Josh went behind the scenes, winning ten Emmys for his work as a writer on Sesame Street. He then became head writer for Little Bill, little created the show Oobi, and then dreamed up the Wonder Pets. -And this is really a magical feeling because these characters have been in my imagination and the imagination of this company often for years. -And you can feel the magic in the air at Josh's company, Little Airplane Productions in New York City, where there characters come alive. It's easy to see this is much more than a job for Josh and his team. -Well, it all started when I was probably 5 years old and I would be playing with my toys under my desk at school, and I'd just be more interested in what I was doing, play-acting with my toys, rather than what the teacher was saying. And I had no idea about what I was doing at that time 'cause I was actually animating. And that's what we do all day long, and it's the funnest job that could possibly have. -In this room, designers, blocking artists, editors, animators, and producers are hard at work on a new episode. -His arm is a little bit big, so, here we go. -Storyboard artist, Jose Velasco, is reading the script and creating a blueprint of what this episode will look like, starting with drawings of Tuck. Just one episode takes at least 35 weeks to produce, and everything, from writing to voice recording and music, is done under one roof, which is extremely rare. -This is serious. -Jennifer Oxley came up with an animation technique for the Wonder Pets that's never been used before. See how lifelike the characters are? How Linny actually looks furry? They call it photo puppetry animation. -The one thing that was really important to us was that we create characters that were really touchable and lovable, like characters that a child would want to reach right out and grab. And so, that's why Josh came up with the idea to use real photos. -In order to get a picture of a cute guinea pig, they needed to find one. So, they hit every pet shop in New York City. -And I think we actually touched and cuddled with every single guinea pig in New York to find Linny. -Once they found the most adorable guinea pig, duck, and turtle, they took photos and started what they call the cutification process. -We make the face cuter, we bring the eyes a little bit bigger, we give them smiles, we give them cute accessories. -And then, of course, they need voices. And that's where Teala Dunn, Sophie Zamchick, and Danica Lee come in. -Go. -[unk] bag she would share it with you. -As from, with you. -They were chosen to do the voices five years ao, when Danica was 4, Teala 6, and Sophie 8. -It's a really good experience, actually, 'cause like every single week, we get a new script and like, you know, it's thrilling 'cause you're like, "Oh, what am I gonna say next?" So-- -It's the happiest stories -in the land -where everyone shares because everyone cares. -One of the biggest challenges for the girls-- -This is ridiculous. -Sounding the same as they did when they started. -Just stay young, and let's go back to the earlier way you're doing it. Okay. Ready. And go down like that. -Um, she just did. -Okay. One more time. More younger and sweeter. -Um, she just did. -There you go. Okay. -Something that makes the Wonder Pets unique, each episode features an original score recorded by a live orchestra. The 10 to 15 musicians pile into a tiny studio to record under the direction of Emmy- and Grammy-winning record producer, Jeffrey Lesser. -370, here we go. -The music is an integral part of this show. It's nonstop, it's-- it underlies everything. So, to have this done by real people is phenomenal. -And as if Josh and the team are busy enough with the Wonder Pets, they're doing double duty now, working on a new show that airs on the BBC's Preschool Channel called -3rd. 3rd and Bird. -Josh is now working on bringing 3rd and Bird to the U.S. -Were lazy. -I really have a respect for how important these shows are in the lives of young kids. They don't see them as shows and characters, they see them as their friends. They see these of welcoming familiar places that they go everyday. -We're not too bad. -And we're not too tough. -But when we work together, we have got the right stuff. -Go, Wonder Pets. Yey. -Can you believe how much work goes in to making just one episode of the Wonder Pets? I will watch the show in a whole new way now. And if you would like to introduce your kids to the Wonder Pets, you'll find it everyday on Nick Jr. or Noggin. I'm Juli Auclair. Thanks for watching Parents TV. We'll see you next time.