Morning Madness

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-You're watching Mom's Mimi-Cast on Parents TV. -If you're a mom you know the drill. The alarm clock goes off and the race is on. You gotta get them washed, get them fed, and get them to the bus stop, all on time. Well rush no more. In today's Mom's Mini-Cast Holy shows us how to cure the morning madness. -All right people, move out, move out, move out. 15 minutes - you need to brush your teeth, brush your hair, floss - come on now, get that sock on. Moms does this look familiar? I always feel kind of like a drill sergeant in the morning trying to get everybody ready and out the door. Well, the morning can seem like chaos but don't distress because we've got some suggestions today to help take the madness out of your morning - so that you won't need something like this. This is Ellen Damaschino and she's an organizing expert, who better to help moms out than somebody who's organized. You need to help us otherwise, we have to use a bullhorn. -Well you're not gonna have to use a bullhorn or anymore of that. I'm giving you some great tips this morning, and tip number 1 is, anything you can do the night before will help things run smoother in the morning. So lay out your kids' clothing the night before. Make sure they have everything they need - shoes, socks, pants - so you're not running around like a chicken with your head cut off looking for that matching pair of pink socks that your daughter absolutely has to wear. -What else do you have for us? -Well the other thing I want to let you know about is to have a "to go" area right by this front door or somewhere in your kitchen, that you've put everything the night before that your kids will need as they walk out of the house in the morning. That way you're sure not to forget anything, and make sure everybody in the family can see it. -That's great, so you can put like permission slips in a folder in there. -Lunch boxes, coats, shoes - anything that you're gonna need to take with you for the day. -Oh I love that. Okay Ellen, so we've laid our clothes out the night before and we have a "to go" area. What's number 3? -Number 3 is to pack your lunches and your snacks the night before so you don't have to worry about it in the morning, and I suggest that you choose helpful snacks that don't require a lot of prep work, cutting, or chopping-- and in my house, we use frosted Mini Wheats. We put them right into little snack bags - yeah, go ahead and take one - and just close them right up and either put them in the lunch bag or just leave them out in the counter so the kids can serve themselves all day long. -Yeah, my kids always get hungry in the middle of the day and they love these. -And so do I. -So do I, and one more? -Well the last one is to set-up a breakfast bar right here in your own kitchen. It helps kids with their own responsibility for their breakfast in the morning. Make sure it's at a level that they can reach it, and put out all the things they need to get their own cereal in the morning - bowls, silverware, milk - and that way it will ease some of your responsibility. -Oh, I like that, and this is magic. Thank you Ellen. -You're welcome. Looks like my work is done here. -For more great ways to help your children succeed at school look for more Mom's Mini-Casts right here on Parents TV.