Birds and the Bees

The Birds and the Bees

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -As moms, our lives can be chaotic and fast-paced. Life will just pass us so quickly that sometimes we wonder where did the time go? Our babies grow from young, innocent children to curious and questioning adolescents in a blink of an eye. Ready or not, every parent faces the time when they need to have 'the talk'. -You know, the birds and the bees-- with a subject that's touchy. We're gonna need a professional. -Meet Dr. Julie Rosenzweig, a family therapist in S-E-X education expert. -I have three children who are approaching what I think is the age to have 'the talk'. -The talk. -What it-- is it an age? -The birds and the bees. -Yes. -Is it an age, or is it-- how do you know they're ready? -Well, you know, I think it's both. I think kids are always ready for information, and that's how we have to think about it. But generally, in terms of ages, they'll start showing curiosity pretty much between the ages of 4 and 7. -So, should you have like mom talk to the daughters and dad or a male figure talk to the boys, or-- -You know, that's probably ideal. But if one of you is really comfortable with it, then that's the person that should talk. And at some point, both of you should be talking to both of the kids because you have different information, and you wanna be resources to them. So, you want them to be able to come to either one of you whenever they have questions. The hardest part is getting the parents ready. So, what I recommend to parents is that they have to do kind of a dress rehearsal, and practice saying things out loud-- like sex. -Sorry. S-E-X. I blush even when I spell it. -You know, and most parents do because we think about our own experiences. But you have to remember kids aren't thinking about any experiences. So, Holly, what I would prescribe is a couple of books for your children. 'It's So Amazing'. -It's So Amazing. -And 'Where Did I Come From?' -Where Did I Come From? Okay. -And for you-- -Okay. -take some deep breathing, lots of rehearsal in the car saying the words out-- -Nice. -loud. -Wow. Dr. Julie really knows what she's talking about. Apparently, our kids are ready. And it's the parents who aren't ready. Let's go find these two books she recommended. Here is the-- Oh, here they are. 'Where Did I Come From?' and 'It's So Amazing'. Wanna go find a quiet, private spot to look at these. Here we go. Sometimes, you may feel very private about your questions, and thoughts, and feelings about how babies begin. Well, it may feel embarrassing or hard to ask questions about making babies. And trust me, your parents are just as embarrassed as you are. I think I'm okay with the whole babies-- where babies come from thing. It's like the how they are made part that I just cannot imagine telling my daughters. Okay. I guess it's time to talk 'the talk'. Okay. We talked to Dr. Julie, we got some books. It's time for the moment of truth. Wish me luck, moms. Chapter one. Where did I come from? -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.