Cameron Mathison

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-Hi. I'm Cameron Mathison. You may know me as Ryan Lavery on All My Children or as an alumni in the Dancing With The Stars or as the host of a show, but my most important and favorite role and honestly the role that I'm best at and that is a father to Lucas. I am so outrageously involved as a father. I think that you know back in the day I don't think that was necessarily the norm. I think it's a lot more the norm now. I see a lot of dads that are very involved, but I'm making a real, real point in my life to be extremely involved in, you know, changing diapers from the beginning. Are you sad right now? My parents see me and they see how involved I am and they think back and they're like wow, you know. It just wasn't the way when they were-- at least not in their circle. When I was a kid, I had something. I had a disease in my hip. It's called Legg-Perthe's disease and I wore a leg frame brace between the ages of about 4 and 7 for 3 years and it was very tough time for me as a kid, and you know growing up I thought about you know me, me, me, me and you know how this is challenging for me, and I'm glad I overcame it. I'm very healthy and very lucky but now as a parent with my son in that range, me picturing him in the same situation-- I mean it paralyzes me with how, what they must have gone through. -[unk]. -I am definitely the fun guy. I'm definitely unlike Disney World. Now, we're making stuff in here later. You know I will transform the living room into the galaxy and have like, you know, this couch would be Jupiter and the other one be the moon and this one be, you know, Pluto and Neptune or something and we'll take space. I'm just very involved in creating and I've heard from his teachers, Lucas' teachers at school because Lucas is now in school now that you know they are blown away with his imagination. That makes me so proud because I sort of feel like I have to find that. -For our next experiment while we're waiting for this one. -Now in becoming a father for me, you know, I guess I could just say it like that. It really taught me the importance of taking the focus off myself and earning a living and making every decision for, you know, these 2 beautiful people. -Cuckoo. -Lucas sees me on TV sometimes gets confused. He's not as confused with All My Children, seeing me on All My Children because he's been in the studio, he's been in the set. He's seen me doing that. He's been off-set while I'm working and he understands to some degree what's happening. He got a little confused with Dancing With The Stars, all of a sudden I was in a new show dancing with a woman and he was like why you dancing around, you know, on live TV with a woman that's not even my mom. This is my beautiful daughter, Leila and this is my beautiful wife, Vanessa. And Lucas and Leila are wearing something called Kea + Joby which is my wife and mine through association clothing line, kid's clothing line, and honestly it's something that Vanessa has she co-owns with somebody else, just one second. I'm talking about your cool clothes, man. -He calls it his comfy clothes. I was on a play date with another mom, another Upper West Side mom and she had a business, the children's clothing line. She said Kea + Joby, I was already a fan, and she said I can't do it alone. It's too overwhelming. I am gonna leave the business and I said absolutely not. Let me be your partner. And literally within 4 months, we sold it, it went from 5 boutiques to over 150 across the nation and we're the more reasonable priced clothing in the boutiques. So you see something and you know you can buy one of each color. So it's the great combination of being comfortable, sophisticated, not too cutesy. -It's tough to find a balance in children's clothing I think of being like cool and hip and modern without being like too like restricting and not comfortable. -Exactly. We have our own website. It's Kea + -K-E-A and How's that for a shameless plug? Thank you very much. That's what I'm here for. -I had no idea when I married him that he would be such a hands-on part of every single aspect of their life, dad, and has become especially with having a girl just becomes such a big mush, and it's so, so great to see them in this role. -Show me. Show me. Show me. It's interesting because when Ryan became a father there's a whole storyline on All My Children that Ryan went to the lengths of faking his own death to prevent from becoming a father. And so later finally happened in All My Children, I was already a father. Cameron was already a dad and so when Ryan became a dad in All My Children, I was actually as an actor, I made a lot of bad choices and I really think that the character should've struggled way more. I think there should've been way more struggle for him to try and, you know, it went such a big storyline to avoid becoming a dad and as soon as he becomes a dad, he's not perfect. No. That is a bad call on my part but I couldn't help it. The dad only came now. Trying to cut them at a foil because I think I always did know that I wanted to be a father. Through my whole young life, I think it was just something that I always knew was gonna be part of my life, maybe growing up with my brother and seeing a dynamic that our family had. I think it was, it's gonna be something that's real important to me. There has been nothing in my life that has changed me as much as father has. Not my job, not becoming somebody that's noticed on TV, not getting married, nothing and it has changed me in a really positive way. -[unk]. -I got you.