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Gardening with the Kids

Get your kids interested in gardening with quick and easy tips from Parents TV's Kris Eisenhauer.

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Hi. I'm Kris Eisenhauer, and the weather is gorgeous. So, I need to get gardening. And as always, my daughter, Gracy, wants to help out. So, today, I'm taking her to a class just for kids, that's gonna show her how to start a garden of her own. Come on. It's gonna be lots of fun. -What goes next? -Soil. -Soil. Let's each keep to ourselves. It should-- we can talk about flowers you can eat and about safety, and all those things. So, we have to listen up. Are you gonna join in on that? All right. Take your way, Nicole. -All right. Well, some of the important things that we don't think necessarily about, are the lawn foods that we may feed our plants in the lawn and then have your children run around barefoot in a nice, fertilized lawn-- we recommended an organic-based lawn fertilizers so that the children are safe-- children and pets are safe running around on the-- -That's a good idea. -Whoa. And you mentioned there's-- it's a good idea sometimes to have them plant like edible plants in their garden. -It's a great idea to have kids plant edibles in the garden. And also, they give them their own space in the garden, so that they know just what to do in the space-- in the area where they are gardening. -Oh. It's okay to make a mess 'cause that's part of gardening. -We get carried away with the looks-- with gardening being so much about looks now, and we forget that gardening is a form of play and a form of recreation. -Scoop it. All right. Look at all the-- made a big mess. Good job. -So, if you're to plant, it's-- obviously, vegetables are edible. And then, you mentioned a few flowers. I think we-- you have an example of a flower that's edible here. So, there you are. If you're out gardening and you get hungry, you can just have a little taste of the flower that you're planting. -I'm hungry. -She wants to eat a flower now. -By all those [unk] a there to snack on. It's-- -Just a little taste. -No. Don't eat it. -Oh. -Tastes like flowers. -Tastes like chicken. -No. It tastes like-- it takes like a flower. -Oh. Yeah. Plants do need you to be around to take care of them. -So, think of plants that have neat shapes, neat textures-- -Unusual. -neat colors and-- -Snapdragons, you know. Most kids are, you know, first learned snapdragons and the little pinch of the plant to make the face open and close. -Right. -So, it's fun to have something that you can do now with your fingers. All the way around the sides. -And these are flowers that are already blooming, but you also encourage planting the seeds, so that then, the kids can kinda watch the process while they grow. -Absolutely. -Again, with the right child-- the right age-appropriate activities for your children. -How's it looking? Wow. -Those are big beans. -Those are scarlet runner beans. And again, big seeds-- -Oh. -are also helpful. Kids' fingers aren't so dexterous and it's easy for them to have trouble with tiny, tiny little seeds. -Give ourselves a big hand, and we can knock all dirt off our gloves while we do it. Put a couple of seeds together on a paper towel, fold that towel over the seeds, then put it into a sealed plastic bag. -And then, you just put it in the sun, and watch it sprout. -Wow. That's already steaming up the bag. When we take that whole thing, and tape it up on to the window, and if you open that paper towel and check and see if a little white sprout starts coming out of the bean. -Oh. A nice sprinkle of water. -What do you have? Look at those plants. Oh, they look great. Good job. So, there you go. Get out there, get dirty with your kids. And remember, forget the snacks. Mother Nature provides them. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.