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Here at Parents TV, we are constantly receiving great products for baby's kits and Moms too, and you'll often find us playing with the toys in the office to see how they work. Well, today, we wanted to share some of the products that we love with you. So, first, if you like to work out or you do Yoga, you're gonna love this line of clothing by our Love Yoga. It's not only comfortable, but it's affordable too. They have great stuff for Mom. I love the Chakra tank with the burn-out tunic over it, it's so soft. And look at these great lotus fitness pants. These are perfect 'cause they're long. I like that. And for babies, the baby Buddha and the Teeny Yoginis Onesie-- so adorable, gotta get those for your babies. Okay, moving on to Michele Baratta's at Home Jewelry Collection. I just love this. Her designs were inspired by her children and her grandmother. They're just beautiful and they're really different. The picture frame pendants that you see here can hold photos of your kids or whoever is really near and dear to your heart. My husband and children gave me one. It's a bracelet. It doesn't have to lock it. I wear it every single day. They gave it to me for Mother's Day. I really like this. Okay, little girls like to wear jewelry too, not just Mom. So, we have got something for your baby girl too. It's really cute. It's right here. It's called Bumble Bells. They're expandable, Sterling Silver anklets. Hear that? It got tiny bells on them. They're for toddlers and babies. You'll always know where your baby is if they're crawling around with one of these on. Gwen Stefani is a fan of these, she bought one for baby Zuma who's wearing it in this picture. And Bumble Bell is safe certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Okay, if you're having a hard time potty training your toddler, we've got a great kit that can help. The potty touch training program is for boys and girls. Inside is a great book about the potty touch to read with your kids, the DVD with animated story and Potty Tots songs and a really cute football-inspired progress chart. Everything is in one box instead of 13 separate DVDs, books and chart-- such a great idea. Now, I wish this next product was available when I have my daughter Daniella, it's called Pumpy, and it's designed for Moms who are breastfeeding and pumping-- and it's a hands-free pumping support that holds the breast pump in place and just goes right through these two slits in the front, so it's like a stretchy strapless bra which is great. Hooks right in the front there. The best thing is, you can put it right over your nursing bra. And this is gonna be huge for Moms who, you know, wanna have their hands free to do other things or just relax when they're pumping-- so great. Now, another product I really like is Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid. It's great for cleaning baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, breast pumps and it's good for adult dishes to which is a bonus. It's natural-base, it's Paraben, Phtalate, SLES and dye-free. And there's also toy and surface cleaner spray and wipes. I love that. Okay, did you ever wish that you could make your own granola so that it could have like more dried food or maybe flaxseed or nuts in it? Now, you can. You just go to to custom make it. First, you choose a base organic or low-fat granola, French vanilla granola or organic usually in menu. Just choose from almost 20 dried fruits, dried nut seeds and then extras like choco chips, fruit loops, gummy bears, peanut butter bits even candy corn. I know it sounds crazy but it's really yummy. Okay, from granola to candy. I'm a huge fan, a huge fan of Q.bel. All natural chocolate candy bars made by a Dad who wanted to give his kids a treat that he could feel really good about. No artificial colors, no artificial flavors or preservatives. No high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. Isn't that huge? And here's the best part. They taste amazing. There are few different kinds. There's milk chocolate, dark chocolate, wafer rolls, crispy rice bars. I'm gonna save this and I'm gonna eat it later. It's my favorite. It's the dark chocolate wafer roll. I love it. It's heaven in a roll right there. Okay, we're moving on now to reading. I love reading with my kids, and we have received some great books lately. Look at this one for starters: Baby Signs. This is so cute, not only adorable, but it'll help your baby communicate with you by learning sign language to learn 15 signs like "yes" and "no", and "I love you" and pop-out tabs on every page make it a whole lot of fun for you and your baby. The next book is the "Zeus' Shoes". It's so fantastic. I can't wait to try this with my son when he gets just a little bit older. Kids can practice tying their shoes as they read along. It's all these laces here and by the end of the book, they have tied all of the animals' shoes-- so cute. Now, I have seen books before, where you can insert the names of children but never anything like this. It's called The First Adventures of Incredible You. You go to their website, and answer about 20 questions about your child and all those details are inserted into an adorable story about your child. They made this one for my son Dylan, we read it over and over and over. Okay, Tessy and Tab books now. Not only the most kids love books but they love getting them in the mail. So this is the best of both worlds. The Tessy and Tab reading club is the first kid's magazine subscription that promotes early independent ready for kids ages 2 to 6. They get two magazines a month with titles like Take a Bath and Share New Toys. And other series is Clark the Baby Shark. It's a reading toy for babies from 9 to 24 months old. They'll love the pictures and the textured handles which are BPA-free. Okay. There's a new series of DVDs that we think you're really gonna like. It's called Global Wonders. They're entertaining and educational and that you introduce kids to many different cultures as they travel through India, Mexico and around the world. Finally, moving on the toys, the Qubits Construction Toy is one of our favorites. It's a new-age geometric building set that's designed by an architect. Now, because the Qubits pieces are made of bendable plastic, kids can build all sorts of 3D structures and even construct a ball. The possibilities here are just endless and introduces kids to the basics of geometry, architecture, and engineering. Well what kid doesn't love bubbles? And this is a particularly cool bubble machine; it's The Gazillion Bubble Rocket. You just pour bubbles into the tray, put the rocket on the launcher, and step on it to make it soar, leaving a huge trail of bubbles. My kids had a blast in our driveway launching it over and over. You will want to buy a huge tag of bubbles to go with it. So, these are just a few of the products that we love. If you have something that you think we might like, send me a tweet at or email us at Thanks for watching. We'll see you soon.