Climbing 1 & 2

Rock Climbing 1 & 2

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-Welcome to Parents TV On Demand. A place for parents to learn, share and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV; our families, our lives. -Why is there a camera in here? -Hey, everybody. It's the It Moms here, and what makes an It Moms so great? What is it? Tell me, tell me. -Kids. -Kids. So today, we are here with all our kids. -We are at Hawthorn's Farm Athletic Club and we're gonna go rock climbing. So come on in, let's have some fun. -Let's go climb. -There really is such thing as fun for the whole family. You just need to go out and find it. -Kids were so excited. First of all, they get to get out of school. And they were excited because they've always wanted to try this and they had never had. Actually, I've never tried this before either, so it could be interesting. So, let's see what happens. -Do something out of the ordinary. -Plus, when it's raining, this is a good in-door activity that keeps them going, get them all hot and sweaty and-- -Still though, take a nap. -Take a nap. Yeah. That's the key. -Naps are good. -Our kids are superstars. -So, hey Marni. -Yeah. -I heard that kids that are more physically fit do better at school. -They're brilliant. Really Harvard, all of them. True. -She's amazing. -You want me to do it? -Yeah. -Okay, I'll do it. -And I think Mother Superior said it best when she said, 'climb every mountain'. -This is gonna be our mountain. Safety first. -Okay, this is really fun and easy. -Okay. -Okay. -I'm getting a little nervous. -Are you getting nervous? -Go mom, don't fall. -Yeah, and don't look down. -That's an It Mom. -Marni, Marni, give me some sweet. -Thanks Tony and Kyle, you guys are awesome. -I wish I had moms like you. -Hey did you get that? -Did you get that on camera? -Say it again Kyle. -Of course, I wish I had moms like you guys. -That's great. -Don't go away. Another Parents TV On Demand Video is coming up next. -Hey It Moms, when is the last time you take an adventure that made your skin tingle. -There's nothing like staring death in the face every now and then, to remind you that you can handle anything. We're moms. -Right. -Let's rock it. -All right. We're not totally crazy, we do have a guide. This is Jim Ablao with Chockstone Climbing. -Jim is gonna show us around Smith Rocks today, a world renowned rock climbing destination. -Rope. -Snap, I hope that's not me in 10 minutes. -That's not who you want you want to do. -Is that okay? -Yup. -Okay. You certainly want to have your gear on, right? -Everything in place. -All right. -So, can the average person, mom do this? -You know, the tendency-- your intuition is gonna be grab and pull but that only last so long, we really wanna use your legs. -I can use my legs, no pull ups for me. -In general, women make better climbers especially at starting out because you don't have that-- -Women are better climbers. Did you hear that? You can do this. -The helmets you will be wearing today are primarily for stuff from above falling down, rather than, like, falling your head on the rock. -Like all right. Here goes nothing. Where's the front of this? Step one. Where is the front of this helmet? -Yeah. -Before you climb, always do a check, safety check. So then my eyes are on me and making sure that my harness is on right, it's nice and steady, my buckles are good, carabineer's lock. -Climbing. Nice count. -Here you go, looking for head holes. -Okay. -Oh my gosh, you're climbing a rock. You're climbing a rock. -Okay. Stop. You're gonna make-- my stomach is turning. My stomach is turning, halt. Wow. I'm a total human pretzel right now. Okay. -Okay, all you need to do is touch that thing right. -It's like a foot away but it seems so far away. -You can do it. -Get a hut for the hand holes, you're finding them there you go. -Oh my gosh. Okay, I'm totally falling because I pretty much up-- no weight bearing place. -I got you. -Okay. -So, let your feet come out and trot,-- -This is great. --so the bottom of your feet are facing the rock. -Breathing. -That's like rocking a rock. -All right. -High five. All right. I'm flopping around. Okay, good, I'm good. I've done it, I'm not gonna do it again. Okay. -It's weird because you wanna, like, depend on the rope, you know, to help you. -There you go. -Are you, like, shaking them all? -No, but is this bird poo? See, this is a little harder. This is terrifying a little bit, this one. Oh my gosh, you so have to catch if I fall. Wait, I want to look. Oh, it is beautiful, so big. My gosh. Hey, I'm falling off the rock and I'm to fall. Oh thank God for that rope. -Now, inside the big crack that's in front of you, there's a hole. -I touched it. What do I say? -Take. -Take. -Nice. Are you ready? -I'm so ready. -Lowering. -This is so fun. It Moms, you need to try this. Little adventure in your life, we all need it. And I made it. I made it. Oh my god, wait. Okay, I made it. Yes, we have overcome the rock. That was awesome. Okay, It Moms, break out of your routine every now and then. Have yourself a hair-raising adventure. -It's so empowering and opens your mind and it changes your view of life. -Thank you for watching Parents TV; our families, our lives.