Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes

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-Hey, moms. From time to time, we've all been in places where we probably shouldn't be, leaving us vulnerable and pretty fearful. -So, mommy and I are here at the One With Heart Tulen Center to take a self defense class, and turn that fear to action. -We're gonna start with the foundation of Tulen self defense, which is the 3 A's. I want you to say them with me. Awareness. -Awareness. -Assessment. -Assessment. -And action. -Action. -Good. -And the art that we train is Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen. Poekoelan means "strikes with returning hands and feet." Tjimindie means "beautiful flowing waters", and Tulen means "original." It's an Indonesian-style Kung Fu. -You can stop and approach just with your body language. You have your verbal defense. Your voice has power. And stance. Stop. No. Leave me alone. And that powerful voice you're gonna use in self defense is calm, it's commanding, and it's low in timber. -Leave me alone. Leave me alone. -Self defense training builds that confidence. And when you feel confident, you can respond to situations quickly and from an empowered place. -Stop. No. Leave me alone. -That was not convincing. -You also strike to the pads 100 percent commitment, with light strikes. -If you get in trouble, this part here, you're [unk] smack in that. You're going-- like that. -You can live with this. -You practice these either to pads that instructors hold, or if you take a strike back course, you practice with a padded attacker. -The attackers are trained, and they are really here to bring an element of realism for women, which is awesome because a lot of times, women have this question about, "I'm going to freeze if I'm confronted with somebody." -Stop. No. Leave me. -This puts you in a situation where you can practice and respond to the situation in a safe and incredibly supportive environment. -Go. Go. Jump. Get out of there and escape. -And escape is really your primary goal in self defense. -The really cool thing about self-defense training for moms, in particular, is that we're such important role models to our children and the kids in our [unk]. And so, they'll see you dealing with situations where you're being strong. Not strong like muscle strong, but confident and true to yourself. -Leave. Go away. Leave me alone. -Self defense training gives you the confidence to use your voice-- -Leave me alone. -to set boundaries-- -Stop. -and to get out of the situation feeling empowered. -Move away. Move away. Move away. -No. No. No. -I think women know exactly how strong we are. We're moms, we're 'it' to our families, right? And sometimes, you just have to put these things into practice. You'll never do anything wrong when you're defending yourself in a self defense situation. You do the best you can to escape and to survive that situation. And so, this experience can be incredibly healing for women. -Okay, moms. These are life-saving techniques. And you'll never know what you're capable of. It starts with awareness, assessment, and then action. So, when your [unk] goal is to escape or looking to a self defense class and empower yourself. Bye, everyone. -Thank God. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.