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-She inspired us to sneak veggies and fruit into our kid's meals with her first cookbook and now the sneaky chef, Missy Chase Lapine, is at it again with her latest cookbook, The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue. And Missy is back with us today to show us some nutritious dinners that are so yummy, your kids won't even know it's good for them. And that's my favorite part. I'm so glad you're back. -Thank you, Julie. It's great to be here. -So I've work through most of the recipes in your first book, and I'm so happy. It's perfect timing that the Sneaky Chef to the Rescue is out, yes. -Just when you thought you were, you know, the kids get-- were getting a little bit of a glimpse of what was in there food, we're gonna get a 101 new sneaky recipes. -Give us a little sneak peek of what we're gonna find in there. -Well, The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue has holiday, sneaky chef for light, for lower fat and lower cal, even gluten-free and allergy-free cooking and 101 new sneaky recipes for everyday cooking. -That's fantastic. I can't wait to dig in to your new book. And the secret behind all of this is, of course, your purees. -You know, my simple purees, which is simply throwing some veggies in a blender or a food processor, you can see here, we have the green puree, which is the, beyond the trifecta of health, which is broccoli, spinach, peas. I'm gonna show you how to get that into your very next meal without a fight. The kids will be eating more veggies than you ever knew possible. -And then in your first book, you even put that in brownies. Right? -Well, actually, the spinach puree does go in brownies and you never know it. The white puree is simply cauliflower and cube zucchini, and that-- it's high in vitamin C and folic acid, that'll keep you from getting a winter cold or a summer flu. And then you have my favorite, and we're gonna use that today Julie. That is sneaky chef orange puree made of sweet potatoes and carrots. With your anything but common, you know, those two things, if you eat them on a daily basis, you're gonna make your health that much better. I mean, carrots are amazing. -And your kids won't even know what they're eating. It's just so great. -It just makes everything sweeter and more delicious. -So dinners can be a real challenge especially if you're like me. You have really picky eaters at home. I know your girls are pretty picky too. -They inspired me so. -So, you're gonna show us some dinners that have all of these great purees in them but you can't taste it. -Well, that's right. You can't taste it. I wanna mention one more thing, you can make the purees ahead of time. -Uh huh. -And the key to the sneaky chef is prepping ahead just a little bit. Take that extra hour on a Sunday. Make a few purees, throw them on the freezer for 3 months. You'll never have to think about it again. -And just pop them out when you need them. -Pop them out when you-- when you need them. -Let's start with the stuffed shells. That looks delicious. -Who doesn't love? -What's in there? -Cheesy delicious stuffed shells. -Let the cat out of the bag. -It looks in a [unk], right? -Uh huh. -Well, you got your traditional ricotta and mozzarella blend. But, of course, the white ricotta lands itself beautifully to my cauliflower zucchini puree. -So you sneak that in. -And then you cover it up with a taste of parmesan and everybody's happy. -Fantastic, okay. These look great. I know my kids would love this 'cause they looked like cupcakes-- -Weren't they? -but it's mackin' cheese muffins. -Listen, in my opinion, anything in the form of a cupcake or a muffin, it's a winner. -It's all-- it's all good. -It's all good. -You have them here in the lunchbox. What a great idea. -Right. Because they can be served at room temperature or if your child has access, you know, the teacher can throw it in the microwave, you don't need to. It holds together like a muffin, put it right to your mouth and it's better than a sandwich. -It looks good to me. I think my daughter would love that sliders-- -Sliders. -mini-sliders. -I mean, who doesn't love a slider especially a sneaky one. -I don't know anybody. -I mean, sliders are great. They also get your eye attune to smaller things. Instead of super-sized meal, you're gonna keep your kids happy. They're cute and they're less calories. -What's in here? -All right, so the meat is perfect for my green puree, of course, you have to mixed it with a little ketchup first or tomato paste to turn it brown. Now I have all these written out in the Sneaky Chef. Just follow my instructions. -And you are gonna show us now how to actually make the mackin' cheese muffins. Let's get-- -We are. We're gonna make-- -started. What do we need to do? -Okay, so we're starting with 4 eggs, which is gonna bind together and make them into a muffin. -Okay. -So, with this [unk] whisks, -All right. -and again, this is like making mackin' cheese, only it's gonna be in a form a muffin. -Okay. -I picked Omega 3 eggs, by the way, so that helps you get more Omega 3s into your diet. Let's start with preparing, Julie. -This puree, okay. -All right. So, why don't you go ahead and add, like a bunch of puree. And that, remember that's our carrot and sweet potato puree. -That's about a cup, right? -It's about a cup. -Okay. -And that is a lot of great nutrition right in there and look how it goes right into your batter. -Jam packed with vitamins and minerals. What's next? -Well, next of course, you need some cheese, because they're mackin' cheese muffins and this is a low fat shredded cheddar,-- -All of it? -you could dump like half of it, let's say. -Okay. -Well, leave a little for the top. -Okay. So it's about 1/2 a cup? -All right. So, now we're gonna switch over to this spatula, so it doesn't get caught and we're just gonna fold that right in. Could this be any easier and fun to make? -It's really simple. -And then you can put in your whole wheat-- -And what do we have here? -it's a whole wheat blend. It's just elbows, sediment cooked out that day. -Okay. -Two cups of pasta, and you mixed that up. -Let's drew this, why you put it in here? Can you just quickly tell me about these monkey bars, 'cause you have to have dessert? -Monkey bars, when you're gonna eat dessert, they're whole grain, and they have the sweet potato carrot puree mixed into the banana, mashed bananas. -Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy. -They are fantastic. -And thank you so much for showing us how to sneak all of this good stuff in. I really-- -Thank you. -you coming in. -Thank you. -All right, yummy. And if you like more great sneaky dinner ideas, you've got to pick up a copy of Missy's book, The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue is in bookstores now. Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you next time. -Yummy? -Uh huh.