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-This Valentine's Day, instead of worrying about skimpy sleepwear. We want you to actually enjoy the evening. Michelle Madhok is here today from to show us some lingerie that flatters the good areas and hides he bad. Hi, Michelle -Hi. -Really-- isn't that what life is all about? -It is-- -It sort of playing the [unk]. That's what I like to say, right? -So,, we have all these Moms across the country who were shopaholics and they find the best stuff you can buy online. And this is for, you know, after you have the baby. Sometimes you got a little areas that are not quite how they used to be or-- -Yeah. Well, all areas are not quite how they used to be. -So let's play up the good stuff and play down the stuff you don't love. -And does this one do? This is a long gown. -Isn't this beautiful? Is it just [unk]. It's full length. This is for your thighs, you know-- -Yes. -So, if you got big thighs, let's draw attention to the lovely décolletage. -I always wear this around the house honey. -Sure. So this is what you're saying is this is Roomie. -Right. And long-- -Yeah, and beautiful. -I like that. That's nice. -Yes. And the same thing with this one. This is Calvin Klein. -So you're saying, just a pair of baggy old sweat is not gonna cut it. -Your husband will think-- so this is beautiful, very luxurious cotton. -Nice. -It's so very comfortable-- also long-- -Always cut and I love that. -Yes, pretty laced. I mean, just look for something long if you're trying to hide your thighs. -Okay, this one I like because this hides my little-- my trouble areas-- the tummy. -And it's so flexi-- This is actually shape wear but a shape wear that's pretty. So it compresses, so can feel it stretchy. -How much compression are we getting here? -No. This isn't really heavy compression-- -Yeah. -But this is kind of like, if you wanna, you know, you can wear underneath the jacket or a sweater or top it off. -I like that-- and whip it off. This is a PG Show, by the way, Michelle. -This is-- okay. So also for your tummy. -Yeah. -You wanna [unk] which is a little not too [unk] on the belly. Right? -Uh-huh. -So this is a beautiful little baby doll. It's called night cap. And you see the back? -Oh, yeah I like the back. -Look at it, it's beautiful lace, and if you have a great legs, you can play them up. Put some high heels on with this thing. -This is a dress, not a-- it looks like a short. -A nightie. -Oh, it's a nightie. But it looks like it could be a dress. You put some tights on or even a jacket. -Yes-- and leggings. -I like this. -Very versatile. -Okay. All right, great. Now, we wanna talk about-- you've got a great bust. -Right. So, okay, Rom was when you have big breast, so [unk] you can't find bras that are pretty. Lots of bras are very kind of plain and supportive but they're not pretty, right? -Utilitarian. -Utilitarian, that's the word I'm looking for. So this lovely one here is from Paulina. It is, you know, it goes to 30 to 40 DDD. -Wow. -And you could see it has a patted straps. -Yeah. -So it's really but awfully the patted straps was also comfortable. -Yeah, this is nice. -And that's important, right? -And actually even the lace is soft, 'cause sometimes the lace is kinda itchy. -Yeah. -Yeah, all right. And then what about these two? Well, let's look at this one. -This one is from Freya. This is a very sexy girl. -Yeah, it is. -So this is a, you know, it has all these pretty little bows and that-- -I'm holding it right in front of me. Look at me wearing the--- not. -This goes up to 38J. -Wow. Okay, 38J. -Right. -Interesting. Okay, that's-- yeah, that's nice too. Okay. And then this one. -This one is from Fantasy, also got 38J. But what's great about this it's got a lining, so if you wanna wear this under a sweater or something that's-- a little, you know, you need a little bit more coverage-- -Yeah. -But it doesn't have padding. -Right. -So it's not gonna add to your assets. -And this one has a nice thick straps. -Right. Beautiful thick straps with lace-- nice detail. -Yeah, nice. So, if one of them having to sleep during the evening-- Yes, it doesn't have that utilitarian. Very nice, good idea. Okay, so you can hide your thighs, control your tummy and play up here but it's called décolletage. -Yes. Décolletage. That's right-- okay. All right Michelle, thank you so much and of course we could find more items on the website at -Thank you. -And I've got a new social networking site that you have to check out. Just go to We'll have an all kinds of fun over there. Thank so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you soon.