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-Every parent thinks their child has winning good looks. But does your child have what it takes to cut it as a professional model? Hi. I'm Sharon Elcock, Sittings Editor for Parents Magazine, and I'm gonna give you an inside look into what it takes to becoming a professional child model. Let's go. The process of the casting starts in editorial meetings, where we learn what the stories that we're working on for upcoming issues, and I book models based on what those stories are. Parents Magazine often casts for the happiest, friendliest kids possible. Our stories are very positive. We want to enforce parents and all that they're going through in the various ages and stages of their child's development. So, most times, we really wanna see kids in their happiest element-- so I look for that when I cast kids. Heading in to the Parents Magazine Happy Kids Casting. I hope they got a good night sleep, we'll see. Good morning. Well, thank you all for coming to our Happy Kids Casting. Hopefully everyone is happy this morning. May I look at? Yeah, yeah. What's going on? -Mommy. -Did you bring that for me? I'll just take that. -Mommy. -'Cause I've always wanted one of those green thingy. What is that? Is that a magnifying glass? For this particular casting, we're looking for kids with great energy that'll translate on the pages of Parents Magazine; just good smiles, happy children, having a good time, good energy-- all of that. Can you say peanut butter. -Peanut Butter. -When Parents Magazine plans in having a casting, I call all the reputable agencies in New York, and I let them know the age range that we're looking for and just the kind of personality of a child that we're looking for as well. The agencies in turn, call the parents and I try not to give them number amounts of kids that I'm looking for. I try not to restrict them. If they feel they have 20 great kids that will be good for the story. Well then, if possible, I wanna see 20 kids. It's awesome-- really good kids today for our story. I don't think I'll have a problem making selections. This agency always sends really cute kids. Good morning Ford Moms. Here at Ford, we look to some babies starting at 6 months. And basically, we look for all in the cities and we're open to all different looks-- also personality plays a big part. You wouldn't think so, but babies need to be very outgoing and they need to be personable. It's really easy sometimes to see you have some kids who are very-- right away, they'll just open up to you the minute you meet them. And then some-- like babies obviously of 6 months are not going to be speaking but right away if they come to me, that's a really good sign. Our mail each day is tremendous. We got about hundreds submissions per day of babies. We don't need to scout because we've got so much mail, so then we call them in to the office and we meet with the parents and meet with the babies and see if we can-- if they have what we're looking for. We only really accept people who live within an hour driving distance of the city so I know there-- you know, and we have several offices across the country. But, it's the first time when you really does live somewhere where there isn't one. It's actually really hard. -If you don't live in a big modeling agency market. Still do your research. There has to be at least 1 or 2 reputable agencies in your local area. A reputable modeling agency will never ask you for money. The only money you might incur is for a comp card, which only comes when a child is up at particular age. And agency won't charge you for pictures for your one-month old who obviously is going to change looks and change sizes very quickly. -Some of our clients include basically, we work from anyone from Ralph Lauren kids, Gap kids, Parents Magazine and we work a lot with Target and most of the major department stores. We basically work with about 300 to 350 kids. -Hello? -Hi, Suzie, it's Christy. I'm actually just calling to see if Ryder would be available this Wednesday to work in the morning, -Eleven o'clock for Ryder on Wednesday. -Okay, very good. JC, Ryder and Audrey are the dream team. We love them. They're amazing-- she is so accessible, she's so flexible and really-- she likes to do it. -He's been doing it now for 2 years. -My daughter's been doing it for two months and they really like it. It's been really fun. It gets us into the city. It gets us doing stuff and I get to have all record of your childhood. -So definitely making some money. It's-- that's not the reason to get into it because it's not tons of money. It's not like the raking in, you know, tons of money. But it do make a little bit. It's really a learning experience for him. I think it's a great interaction with adults and he really-- he's learning how to present himself. I think it's a really important lesson for him. They really do try to concentrate their jobs for school-age children over the summer and during school vacations, so that you don't have to pull them out of school all the time. -Well, as you can see, it takes a lot more than simply taking a pretty picture to become a child model. If this is an industry that you're interested for your child, go for it. Explore agencies in your local area, and who knows? You can save money for college. Have fun with your child in the process, and who knows, maybe you can see your kid on the cover of a magazine. Good luck. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.