Snowball Cookies

Coconut Snowball Cookies

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-From the Family Circle Kitchen to your kitchen, on Parents TV. -I love making cookies during the holidays with my daughter, Daniella. Isn't it fun? -Yeah. -But we don't always have time for long, involved recipes. We like it to be simple and delicious. So, senior food editor, Julie Miltenberger is helping us out today. Thank you so much for having us over. -You're welcome. It's great to have a little party. -Yeah. She invited us over to the Family Circle Test Kitchen to show us how to make a holiday cookie recipe that's not only easy but really fun to do with the kids. -Well, we're making a coconut snowball today, and it's very simple. You don't even have to chill the dough before you, you know, put it in the oven. First, if you could measure out a half cup of that coconut there. -Okay. -Perfect. -It's like hard work. -Yeah. -It's good work, honey. -Okay. Perfect. So now, I'm gonna chop the rest of that coconut. -Okay. -If the two of you could add the rest of the ingredients into the-- -All right. As you chop, tell me what we're adding. -First, we'll start with one cup of all-purpose flour. -Okay. And Daniella is rolling up her sleeves. She is all ready to do this. You set? -Uh-huh. -Getting on to the dirty work. -Cup of flour. Put it on in there. -All of it? -All of it. -All of it. -Okay. -All right. Looks good. Okay. And then, if you-- -We didn't need that little bit over there. -No, it's fine. -That's not important. -Yes. -Okay. -It's extra. All right. Then, we're gonna measure out one quarter cup of that confectioners' sugar. -Can you help me with that? -Yeah. -And we're saving the rest of that confectioners' sugar to make the glaze on the top, and that's what's gonna hold this chopped coconut on the cookies. So, let's add the pinch of salt, too. Why not? All right. Let's hit the pulse button again. Okay. Looks good. Perfect. So next, we're gonna add six tablespoons of unsalted butter here that's been softened. And we're gonna add this last. It is a half teaspoon of vanilla extract. -Okay. Pour those. -Pour it all? -Go ahead. Pour it all in, except for the bowl. And what do you think? -I think it's good. What do you think? -I think they really look good. We're gonna roll it in to one-inch balls. So, you just grab a little bit of dough in your hand and roll it on up. -Is mine too big, too small? -Well, it looks good. -Just right. -Once again. It's as much as you can pop into your mouth all at once. -Well, I can fit a lot. -Okay. Well, maybe as much as Daniella can pop in to her mouth. -Okay. -Even though she's got more room right now with that missing tooth. -Let's see it. I love that gap. -Okay, great. So, once we have got them all shaped and formed and on the cookie sheet, we're gonna pop them in to a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes. -So now, they're out of the oven. They smell delicious, and they've cooled. -They have. We've cooled them completely, and you could do that on a wire rack. Just transfer them from the cookie sheet directly to the wire rack. Now, we're gonna make the glaze, and dip them in the glaze, and then dip them in these chopped coconut. There's a cup of confectioners' sugar, and this is four teaspoons of milk. -All right, Daniella. You wanna start whisking? -Okay. -Go slow. -Perfect. So, you just wanna make it so that it's smooth. It's gonna be pretty thick, though, because there's not a whole lot of liquid to that. -And that way it sticks-- -Confectioners' sugar. Yeah. That's right. -to the cookie. -It's gonna stick to the cookie, and it's gonna hold the coconut on there. So, grab a cookie. -Go ahead, Daniella. -And then, you put it top side down, go straight in, just so that it gets some glaze on there. You see that? And then you dip it in the coconut. And there you go. That's a coconut snowball. -These are not time-consuming like we need to do the cut-outs and the rolling the dough. This is simple. -And it's not a whole lot of ingredients that you need to have on hand. It really is just-- the coconut might be the only kinda specialty ingredient that you would need to stop at the store to pick up. -What's your favorite part of this recipe? -Dipping. -You like the dipping? -Yeah. -And the rolling? The dipping and the-- it's a lot of fun, isn't it? -Yeah. -I had a really good time. We're gonna try these. And if you would like more great recipes, you've got to pick up a Family Circle magazine, or check back here at We've always got good stuff for you. Thanks for watching Parents TV, and we will see you next time. Let's try twos. -Take that.