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Relax with Yoga

Yoga is the answer when it's time to unwind. Marni Renison and Holly Resnick show how yoga can relax you.

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-You're watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hey, It Moms. For the next few minutes, Holly and I just want you to just relax. I know, with the dishes and the laundry, it's difficult for mommies to do. In fact, I don't even know if I know how to relax. So, we are gonna take some relaxation class to see if we can find some technique to help cope with stress and slow the body down, size them on. -Slow and quiet. -No, not words in the mom vocabulary. -Let's get it started. This is our instructor Elaine Smith and she's gonna teach us a little bit of that relaxation today. -Oh. -It's good to see you today. -Good to see you. -We need it. -So, if you just pick a place that's kind of sore or just something that's just worth calling to you, if you just take that body part and just- and go ahead and touch that now. -Oh. -We'll just go ahead and stretch it real quick. -The first tip is actually the hardest, if you gotta try this at home. Just find some time and some space to be still and listen to your body. -We're trying to get the rid of the brain-muscle connection and we try to let the connective tissues have their own say and they get to decide what happens and that's where the unwinding goes. -So, the emotional impact to stress can really exacerbate mood swings. So, all has been done so, you're going, honey, you should sign up for a relaxation class. -Really. I know- -I watch the kids. -My husband was applauding I was coming today. -Just notice the stress. There's no judgment with it. You're not [unk]. You're looking for what your body wants to do, not what your brain or your muscles want to do. -I don't know what my body wants to do. It's been too many years of not listening to my body. -Focus on the sore spot. Just notice it. Is there any movement that your body wants to do? And if your body feels like moving, just let it happen. -Oh. Probably, number 1 would be turn your cellphone off [unk]. -[unk] I think [unk]. I was all day [unk] and I'm just stressed out. -Oh, all right. All right, for me to relax. -The audacity. -But remember how we run one. Now, think about your neck and your handy and just notice is there any kind of dance that they wanna do together. -My neck and arms do not wanna dance together, apparently. -[unk] -Okay. So, how do you all feel? -Oh, wow! That was great! That was great! -We learned some great things today about how to learn to relax. Remember, listen, observe and allow. Honor yourself each day by giving yourself a time to relax. -Yeah. -Prepare yourselves, mommies. Stay healthy. Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives, your new video source for parenting.