's Self Esteem

Child's Self Esteem

Parents TV's Tony Martinez shares tips for building your child's self esteem for healthy growth and development.

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-You're watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. -You know, most parents would love to raise a child who's self-confident and some kids seem to be born with plenty. But for those who aren't, there are things we can do as parents to help them develop that. We're at the Children's Museum today, the perfect place to get started. One way kids getting confidence is by getting to call the shots. The power of choosing what to play with, how to play with it and for how long gives kids age-appropriate power and control. So, it's pretty cool when you're 5 years old. And that's what makes the Children's Museum so great. Anything kids choose to do here is a good choice. They're free to explore on their own. Of course, you're still keeping an eye on them, but from a distance. They can even circle in the area instead of hovering directly overhead. -The first kid, you tend to hover a little more and then you kind of learn what they can do and their capabilities and what- they're not gonna fall and break their arm every time they climb on a monkey bar. -When you do get the courage to let your kids explore independently, great things can happen. It does blow their confidence. They feel like they're in control and you send the message that you trust them. -I think if you don't sit back and watch, then, they will, you know, looking over their shoulder and not knowing if it's safe to do something. Whereas, if you just let them go, they'll figure it out. -But don't keep yourself letting your kid be the boss for a little bit is harder than it sounds. They may spend the whole time in 1 activity. They may wanna spend 1 minute in every activity. It can drive you crazy, but what's important here in terms of building the self-confidence isn't what they choose to do but the fact that they're the ones doing the choosing and living with the consequences. -I mean, you can always say you're gonna fall in your head enough times and, if they do, then that worked. -The thing is, your kids are probably already more capable and confident than you realize. Just give them some room and they'll prove it to you. -Just climbing to the top of the tree when I didn't know that was capable of a 3-year-old. And then, being able to get down without getting hurt. We haven't been to the E.R. yet. -But there's still time. time. -There is still time. -So, take a deep breath. Take a few steps back and remember, the more confidence you have in your kids, the more they'll have in themselves. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives, your new video source for parenting.