Shower Ideas: Planning 101

Baby Shower Ideas: Planning 101

Learn how to pull off the perfect party.

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-Babies on the way, and it's time to celebrate. Make sure the mom-to-be has everything she needs by throwing her a baby shower. But, when it comes to planting the shower, where do you begin? Just ask Jenny Leshem. Jenny and her husband run a portrait studio baby boutique and event space in New York City called Leshem Loft. -We wanted to create an environment that felt amazing for women, felt amazing for children-- it's a place where you can come by yourself or with your child and feel really good and have pictures taken, maybe doing a birth announcement, a holiday card or just some beautiful portraits for the wall while also looking for some items that you're not gonna find in every, you know, boutique across the US. We're trying-- really find some things that are unique but also are beneficial for moms and families. -Jenny says, if you're an expecting mother, find out who's willing to do the work for you. -Usually, somebody plans a baby shower for you, so the first thing to figure out is who that person is going to be. Many times, it's either a really close friend or, it's a family member. -Christy Grenert stepped up to throw a shower for her sister Danielle. I really wanted to make sure she had everything she needed, so when the baby comes-- her first baby, and I'm sure she doesn't even know where to began. -If you're the hostess, your first step is to figure out what the mom-to-be has in mind. -There's different types of events that people can put together and they can all be very special. But, it's really important if somebody want something very intimate to make sure that you're having an intimate affair, where-- if somebody wants something over the top, then they try to meet those expectations as well. -Once you've figured out who's coming to sign on a venue, then send out the invitations. -There some beautiful things that you can do with invitations or even sending out something electronically. There's also companies that can put together something really nicely for you that also relatively affordable. -Then, choose the theme for the shower. -The obvious things are either a pink-themed baby shower or a blue-themed baby shower or yellow-themed baby shower. People of course, you know, lean towards the old and traditional doing things with storks and doing things with baby buggies. But there's still a way that you can create something that is very intimate and very special without necessarily going to the obvious. -Up next, pick the menu. Design on any activities or games you wanna play. At Danielle Shower, Christy has guest fill-out advice cards for the mom-to-be and handed out mini post-it for shower game. -The [unk] of the game is [unk] post in when they come in and you can't say baby throughout the day. If anyone catches you say baby, the guest take it from you and whoever has the most at the end of the day, wins a prize. -But let's face it. The main event at most showers is when the guest of honor opens her gifts. Don't know what to get the mommy-to-be. Well, fear not. There are plenty of great gift ideas out there from thoughtful and affordable to slightly more extravagant. Jenny says, to start with the registry. -I would suggest first, trying to figure out what the person who is pregnant needs for her baby and especially-- is this the first baby or is this, you know, her fourth baby obviously, like the things that you would bring for a baby shower for the first versus the fourth are extremely different. -Or you may decide to choose a gift on your own. -If you decide to go and get a gift. Some of the things that we recommend are journals-- pregnancy journals are great thing to bring to a baby shower. Also, baby's first year journal is really a nice thing too. This enables the mom to take notes about her experience during pregnancy and then also maybe in the hospital during delivery and then the baby's first year after that. These are really cute. I love them. They are great baby shower item. They'll be expecting in style mom to be flip flops, so obviously, you're in the hospital for a couple of days when you have a baby. You're taking a shower. You're walking around. You're going to the nursery. So, it's just a cute fun thing, you know, to have-- just celebrating the fact that you just became a mom. And you can't again go wrong with this type of thin because the babies are gonna spit up and they're gonna have diaper accidents and there's gonna be tons of messes, so just even getting something basic and simple. These are from Feather Baby. It's just a really nice thoughtful touch. If you did wanna do something a little bit more unique or a little bit more special. Then, I would suggest putting together some items that work really well together that make it a little bit more of an elaborate gift. So, here some examples that we have here-- we bundled together some things like the lovies also with the baby silk, also with the swaddlers also with the onesies. So if it's comes a little bit more of an elaborate gift. -If this isn't the expecting mom's first child or if she's the woman that has everything, you might wanna go with something more extravagant. -I really look at what they're registered for their car seat, for their stroller, if there any other big Sort of apparatuses that they really think they need-- bedding is always really nice present that you can give especially if that's on the registry or if you can find out ahead of time what the color of the baby's nursery is going to be-- you know, blankets. These are all hand-made blankets from Austria. Each one is individual-- there's no two that are alike. A layout set is a really beautiful thing that you can do. This comes with a little baby hat. Comes with a little baby pants and a little baby sweater. -As the hostess send guest away with a little something as well. -Danielle says, the gift she received in her shower have really helped her prepare for her baby's arrival. -Everyone got everything I needed for the baby. So, it helps me a lot. -But in the end, it's the thought that matters most. -Just your family and friends or everybody helping out. I don't think exactly what's at the party is so important. But the way they did it, it's so beautiful and I appreciate it. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.