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Stay at Home Dads

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-My name is Lance Somerfeld, and my son Jake is 15 months old. -My name is Jack Sates. I have a 4-1/2 year old son named Oliver and a 20 month old son named Foxy. -My name is Frank Benavides. My daughter's name is Elizabeth and she is 17 months old. -I'm a stay-at-home dad. -I am a stay-at-home dad. -I'm a stay-at-home dad. -When my wife was pregnant, we discussed different options for child care and it made the most sense for me to be Jake's primary care giver. -I actually became a stay-at-home dad through the economic downturn. Basically, I was let go from my office and like that, as well as economic factors forced me to be at home, be the one taking care of my daughter. -So, I would like to just say that I'm done working for now, and just take care of the kids and my wife said, "That sounds wonderful. I would love for one of us to be home", and she didn't really wanna do it. So, she was very happy 'cause I wanted to do it. -The most challenging part of being his primary care giver is just time management. -Trying to get things done around his schedule. -Some of the other dads, they don't work. They, basically, are home with their kids all day, and that's work in itself. -Right now it's, you know, feed and change and then find the activity. -But they're not income producing work on the outside. And I think that's one of the biggest challenges for me, trying to get that done. -Getting that shower or just simple things like going to the bathroom. -And then it's time for nap, and then it's time to do something else and then the other kid comes home from school and-- -So, I found myself time to work in all hours. -Time management has really been challenging for me and I'm still up against that same [unk]. -So we end up running from one thing to the next. -But it's been working so far. So, I really can't complain 'cause everything's been a pleasure being home with her. -I don't think what I do with him on a daily basis is probably very much different than a mother who has a kid, a primary care giver of their son. You know, we prepare his meals. Make sure he's rested, getting his naps, getting fed. All the conversations, you know, with me and the dads, probably a little different than the moms. -Yeah, you know, we definitely talk sports and not really about lactation and breast feeding. So, in that respect, it might be a little bit different in the conversations between like a dads group and a moms group. -My relationship with my arm has actually gotten better because I'm not stressed out about having to deal with work and she is not worried about who's taking care of her kids. -Some of the unexpected pleasures that I see as being a stay-at-home father is that, I get to see the milestones. My wife, I can tell you, misses those. I try to video them, I try to take photographs of them. And sometimes, to tell you the truth, I don't say that I saw something that particular day. And then I wait until I see in the afternoon and she's home and then it's, "Oh, look, look. Take a look, look what's happening". And then it's all for us. -I find that my wife is definitely envious of me at times. She, you know, I know, she races at home from work. You know, if she gets stuck in traffic, she calls me and she's angry because she realized that she's losing valuable minutes with him before he actually goes to bed. We decided to start a group blog, <>. And what we aim to do is be a destination for dads on information, content, news, some thoughts by me and really play group information for dads groups in the city, and around the country. -Is it one of the best challenge in the world yet, I totally agree. When I was employed full time, I was looking to find out how can I get out of here. How can I find my way home? And being at home, I haven't complained once.