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-Hi, I'm Juli Auclair. You're watching Parents TV. It doesn't matter how well you screen your nanny, you're often leaving your children with someone you barely know. Well, Parents TV's Anne Ebeling, shows us how Nanny Cams are helping parents keep a closer eye on their kids' caretakers. -More and more moms and dads are becoming wise on the wall, using small cameras like these to check in on their nanny. And the father of three, James Talamini, says they have good reason to be suspicious. -My children are more important than anything to me on this entire world. I wanna make sure that at any given moment that I know my kids are safe. That the person that I am entrusting them with is doing the right thing, that they are not abusing them physically, mentally. -Before their son was born, James and his wife hired a nanny to watch their two young daughters; Julia, seven and Isabella, then two and a half. -We thought it would be beneficial to hire a nanny. In the process of looking, we actually found a nanny. She happened to be local and happen to be an acquaintance of my wife's. We contacted her and she came over and she met the girls and everything was perfect. -But after the first couple of weeks, they began to notice changes in Isabella. -She was acting out, she wasn't sleeping, she was saying that she didn't want this woman to come over and be with her, she didn't like her anymore, she was actually starting to hit us and say "no", and-- So, we noticed something was different about her behavior but we couldn't quiet put our finger on it. -So, James decided to set-up a hidden camera in his home to check out what was going on while he and his wife were at work. -She'd see my oldest daughter off, on to the bus, which picks us up-- picks her up right in front of our house, then she come back with my youngest daughter. What we noticed was that she wasn't doing anything. She'd come back in and she'd sit on the couch. She wouldn't play with her, she barely speak to her, she-- my youngest daughter have to wander the house, she turned the TV on, just let her watch television, she falls asleep on the couch. It was base-- It wasn't physical neglect but it was neglect. Of course, we weren't happy about it. -And when asked what she did with the girl all day? The nanny lied. -Oh, what did you do with Isabella today? Did you play? -Oh yeah, we played, you know, we both-- all sorts of activities, books and learning toys and-- Oh, did you play? Oh, yeah, yeah, we did this, we did that. Meanwhile she was outright lying to us. She wasn't doing any of these things. -Catching a nanny up to no-good isn't all that uncommon according to Rhyder McClure, president and founder of the New York Nanny Cam Company. -Everything from violent behavior towards the child to amusing, I mean, in a sense amusing, offbeat sorts of things. We've also had moments of spectacular love is route, you know, where the nanny will just pick the baby up and just love it to death, you know, I mean, just tender wonderful moments. Everything, it catches everything, you know, and if you're getting the love, that's great, you know, be really happy. But, you don't know what you're getting, you're getting the love or, you know, or you're not and it's best to know. -McClure's company sets up nanny surveillance systems that can be viewed via the internet anywhere in the world. -So, it has audio and video and it's a wireless camera. It connects to the internet over a wireless network and you get directly into the camera. There's no third party involved in, this is you and your camera, so no one's spying on you. It allows you to set either motion activated or continuous and you can tell what to turn on or, you know, to record and not record within any period of, you know, week-- day and week. And if you saw something really great, like, your child dressed up in some sort of costume, with a single click, you can take a snap shot and that you can save into your system as a-- just a regular, you know, JPEG file, put it into the Photoshop or whatever. Do whatever you want with it. That's another nice feature. -You can even check on your children using your iPhone. -You wanna see a picture of your house at the second, like-- So, what this allows you to do is go in and take a snap shot. -But while McClure acknowledges a parents' right to install a hidden camera, he says it is better just to tell the nanny it's there. -It's very clear if you're telling the nanny that you got cameras-- you're not spying on and that immediately puts some at ease. And the other thing about telling them they have cameras is, even if you have a camera directly in front of a couch, and I've seen this happen, its human nature just to forget about everything that it isn't really actively threatening you. Our systems have put nannies in jail who did with what they did immediately in front of the camera. -The Talamini's picked up their camera at a local electronics store for about $250. A fully installed network like this one starts at around $1200 but the quality of the video is much greater and a professionally installed network is a lot more secure. -As for the Talamini's they ended up letting their nanny go. -When we confronted her on it, she basically denied everything. So, we had to let her go, we had to fire her. And my daughter's behavior changed since. -And from now on, they say they're not taking any chances. -For the small investment for what it cost me, a several hundred dollars, it's a peace of mind that you just can't describe. -And wireless home cameras have other uses as well, from watching out for elderly relatives, to keeping an eye on your home while you're away. Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV; our families, our lives.