Child Predators

What do your kids know about child predators? People who prey on children for sex? Parents TV's Kim Singer reports on the importance of telling your kids about this threat.

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-You're watching Parents TV, Our families, Our lives. -On a bright summer day, talking to your kids about sexual predators maybe the last thing on your mind. But they are always thinking about your kids. -Sexual predators are in every part of our society. And they're in our children lives. They may be coaches or teachers, your pastor or priest, a relative or your neighbor. -They almost always look like your neighbor or your friends. They're slick, they're smooth, they're soft spoken. Again and again, these predators are people who groom them, the children, into trusting them, caring about them. And then they damage the children by assaulting them. -Police say your best defense is to check out everyone who's in contact with your child. -If your kid wants to stay over at someone else's house, you should know the parents and know the family. Asking if your child participates in any event, are all the people who are here screened, knowing who your kid's contact on the internet. -And beware of anyone, even a relative, who seems too helpful or too eager to be close to your child. -They sense the needs of people who are weak or have-- or maybe you're struggling with parenting and they wanna fill those needs. -Police say it's never too soon to talk to your kids about sexual predators. -You go from little kids where you're talking about simply and not touching around the area of a bathing suit to kids when they get to be in there early and mid-teens. -Stranger danger is real. But kids also need to know, there are maybe people in their lives, people like this, who could harm them. -Even if people I know, I have to be careful with them, because you never know if some of them just be-- pretending to be my friend. -There is no time that's too soon, and there is no time that's too late to have these discussions. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, Our Families, Our Lives, your new video source for parenting.