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Best Bath Products

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-Hi everybody. Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby is here with us today. We're very happy to have you. -Hi. -She's gonna tell us about some of the best bath products that are out there right now. That time is such a special time for a mom and baby or for a dad and baby, and these are gonna make it even better. -Yeah. -A lot of fun, a lot of nice colors. -And none of it is too expensive either, which I like about the whole bath category. -Cheap is good. -Uh huh. -Okay. -This is a Fisher-Price-- -Let's save. -Yeah, definitely, definitely. Fisher-Price's new Whale of a Tub, which is where you wanna start a baby, is in an infant tub because they can't really sit up yet in a big tub. So you get an infant tub. They fit in there really well, about 6 months and younger. -Does this grow with you because it looks like it could be pretty big? -You could definitely use it on a baby who's older than 6 months as well. -Okay. -They've given it a nice size. But it's got the cradle in there for a young infant. -Okay. -And to that point, Summer Infant makes a different idea called a Baby Bather. -This looks like a little chair. -Yeah, it's a like a bouncer seat for your baby, but it's a mesh. So you put a young baby in there and give them a sponge bath or, you know, you can sit the whole thing in a bigger tub and give them a bath. The important thing, of course, whenever you're bathing the baby is that they're not out of your arm's reach. -Ever, of course! -Rght. You do not leave this in the tub with the baby alone obviously. But-- -And this would dry very quickly? -Yeah, and it's $17 and makes bathing really easy. -Okay. So now that we have our babies in the bath and they're safe, we need some toys-- -Yes. -to keep them occupied. And you've got some that are already here in the water. -Yeah. These are from Boon. They're called the Scrubble Set, which I kinda like. -Cute! -They're squirters. I think they would encourage a kid to help, you know, bathe themselves 'cause they're so fun to squirt. -They take a little shower. -Yeah. I think they're really cute and kinda modern. -Okay. -And-- -Oh, I like the washcloths you have here. -Uh huh. -Nice and colorful. -We got those at Babies R Us. Yeah. They're from the Amy Coe line, and they, you know, it's a set with matching ducks: 4 washcloths and a matching duck for 10 bucks. -This is not just your yellow rubber ducky anymore. -No! -This is something special. I like that. -It matches your bathroom. These are from Boon, too. It's kind of an interesting take on, there's always little fish with nets to catch them. These are little bugs they call it their, you know, their little bug and net set. -Oh, that's great. So you fill them around the tub. -Yeah. -And then your baby, when they get a little bit older, they can try to catch them. -Right. It helps keep them in the tub for a while 'cause they're entertained. -Okay, little animals over here, little critters. -Uh huh. Alex Toys makes a ton of bath stuff. That's just a little sample, their little squirting toys. And there's a doll company named Corolle that makes dolls that can go in the tub. And she's sweet. She comes with her own docket and her own pacifier and she's got a soft body. -And how does she do about drying out? -She dries really easily. -Really? -Yeah. She's perfect. She's a Tidoo, T-I-D-O-O, doll. -Okay. -And then to a more traditional toy, bath crowns, you may have heard of. But the TaDoodles from Crayola come with these sort of stencils. -Oh neat! -So the fish floats in the water and then you put this up on the tub wall. -Side of the tub. -And you can draw the fish, make little faces on there. -And these crayons really work in the water. -Yeah, and then they wipe right off here. Most important they wipe right off your wall. -Now that is really, we won't be scrubbing for an hour. That's really fun. I like that a lot. Okay, how about some products we have here? -Yeah. You wanted to talk about some baby bath washes. There's plenty in the drug stores, but these are some of my, like the more [unk] that you can find at Target but also a lot of specialty stores. Tiny Tillia, this is really pretty stuff and it's inexpensive, $5 for their washes and $3 for their books. But California Baby is one of my favorites because the smell is so fantastic. The Overtired & Cranky is sort of chamomile and rosewater. -Is this Overtired & Cranky for the mom or for the baby? -I think both. -Okay. -I've used it for myself. -I gotta smell this. Let me see. -Tired and cranky or when the mom is overtired and cranky. And it comes with a bubble wash. -Oh, that smells fantastic. -I think it does kind of calm you down. I really believe in the aroma therapy stuff. -I feel much better already. And where can you find these? -Those are all in Target as well as specialty stores. -Okay, great. -Yeah. -And back to safety again. -Yeah. Skip Hop makes a faucet cover called the Moby, which is, you know, so your kid doesn't clunk their head on the hard faucet. It just fits right over. -Oh, that's a great idea. -That's a brand new product. -And you wound get burned if the faucet was hot? -Right, exactly. -Okay. -And that's 13. -Okay. -And then about water temperature, our art director especially is always very paranoid about misjudging the water temperature. So you can use something like this Aquatopia's thermometer, which has an audible sound if the water gets too hot or too cold, because sometimes the baby's in there for so long you don't realize that the water's dipped below. So if it gets below 89 degrees or above 101, it will go off. -It's so hard to know sometimes 'cause it might feel okay to you but it's okay for baby. -Right. And so this will give you a real, you know, visual and audible clue. -I wanna go home and give the kids a bath now. -I just have one more storage thing from Skip Hop called the Tubby. -Yeah. Okay. -And it sticks to the wall, and it dries out really fast, and it gives you a place to throw all your toys when they're done. -Oh, because they're always all over the corners of the tub and everything. -Yeah. -This is fantastic! Oh, and look at the great suction cups on the back. -Yup, so that's also new. -Jessica Hartshorn, you've always got great ideas for us to making bath times so much fun. Thank you for stopping by. -Thanks, Juli. -Alright. And for more, you can check out a copy of American Baby Magazine or go online to Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you again soon.