Kyra Sedgwick

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-You know, I should have the authority to reject journals. I think if the boys get in the way, investigation- -On the hit series, The Closer, Golden Globe winner, Kyra Sedgwick plays hard-nosed Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. -Oh, it's true. They're so helpful. We'll work them on every case. -I think that this is your attempted enthusiasm. -I'm sorry. [unk] -On TV, she calls the shots heading up the Priority Homicide Division. At home, she and her famous hubby, the actor, Kevin Bacon, split the duties when it comes to parenting. Unfortunately, they see eye to eye. -I think that we are really similar in parenting styles to the truth. I really- it's very 50/50 with both of- with the two of us and I think that's one thing that's really made it easy kind of to parent together because we have similar priorities and similar- and similar ethics and morals. -Kyra and Kevin have very busy schedules, but they always find time to spend with their 2 teenagers, Travis and Sosie. -We have a lot of family time, all the time. In fact, we just- we just went out to dinner last night with my son, Travis- with my son who's 19, who actually agreed to go out to dinner with us which is fantastic. You know, we have a lot of family dinners when he's back from college and when it's just the three of us, with my daughter. We always sit down and have a meal and like light the candles and have a nice dinner. -No matter how much time Kyra spent with her kids when they were little, she always felt guilty when she worked on a show or a movie. That's one thing she wishes she could go back and change. -And I feel like I wish I had wasted so much energy being guilty. Like I wish I had just thought, you know what? They're gonna be up because I see how they turned out. They turned out really well. So, I feel like I just wish I hadn't given myself such a hard time. -So, what's the best part of being a mom for Kyra? -The best thing in the status is seeing your kids grow up and seeing what wonderful people that they've become.