a Babysitter

Finding a Babysitter

Need a good babysitter? Parents TV's Kris Eisenhauer shows why a professional nanny agency may be the place to look!!

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Hi, I'm Kris. Today, we're in Lake Oswego at Northwest Nannies, where I am about to show you how to hire the best babysitter. -Along came Mr. Alligator quiet as can be, snapped that monkey right out of that tree. -A babysitter is somebody with just sporadic experience providing care for various families. If you're looking to hire what I would consider a nanny, you wanna hire somebody who has at least a minimum of one year child care experience provide-- before you bring them on. -Is she bitsy. -Is she bitsy. -And your twill, too. -And your twill, too. -If you don't take. -If you don't take. -I'll wreak a bamboo. -I'll wreak a bamboo. -Basically, you're looking at a position that you are a total stranger arriving at someone's front door. And there's in it-- a lot of trust built in to that. And it's my job to make certain that the people we're sending out are indeed the most appropriate. -And you can make pieces out of flannel, and then they just post-- paste automatically. -Number one, we really do our screening. If you were, let's say, to run an ad in the paper, do you think about all the possibilities how people might lie or misrepresent themselves? And sometimes, people are wonderful with children. But because something in their background, maybe they were abused as a child. So, they don't instinctively know how to parent. -So, this isn't something that you're just gonna use once. You'll be able to use for lots of different things. -We probably screen out 80 percent. So, if you think about that, and you're just out there trying to find somebody, what is your probability that you're gonna get somebody who's gonna be very capable. Again, when you stop and think about it, a lot of times, you hire a babysitter, they walk in the door, and you leave and say goodbye. And you base it-- your decision as to whether they were good or not on whether the children liked them or not. -People that may have-- maybe looking in their own neighborhood, let's say for a babysitter. -Right. -Someone they know very well, they know the parents, they know the child. What are some of the suggestions for maybe helping that babysitter to learn how to care for your child even better? -If you have that luxury of having them come in and work with you, and you set up the structure. And most children do need structure. And you give expectations. I expect my baby to be read to, I don't expect them to be sitting in their little bouncer chair for hours at end. What kind of activities would you do with your children? And tell them, "I love to come home to little projects, so don't hesitate to do some projects." -So, you might be wondering how I came up with this story. Well, since I went back to work, I need a nanny. And I got one at Northwest Nannies. Let's go see how she is doing. Hey, Lindsey. How's Ruby doing? Let's face it. When it comes to our kids, you just can't be too careful. So, when you're looking for a sitter, make sure you do your research and don't hesitate to call a professional. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.