Chocolate Mousse Pie

White Chocolate Mousse Pie

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-From the Family Circle Kitchen to your kitchen on Parents TV. -Hi everybody. I'm Juli Auclair and today on Parents. TV, we're gonna show you how to make a fabulous dessert, white chocolate mousse pie. Doesn't that sound good? It was featured recently on the cover of Family Circle Magazine and we've been invited into the Family Circle test kitchen with Senior Food Editor Julie Miltenberger. How are you? -I'm doing well. Thanks. Thanks for coming by. -Well, thanks for having us and she's gonna show us how to do it. So you've already made the crust taken care of that step. Tell us how you did it? -Well, we start with about 13 sandwich cookies, otherwise known as Oreos. -Yes. -So we mix, we crush them either in the food processor or in a bag and mix them with 3 tablespoons of melted butter and just press them down onto the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate and then we took 17 Milano cookies and these are nice because they're the alternate side, chocolate and vanilla. -Would anyone notice that-- -Yes. I think they would notice that there was 16-- -Okay. We'll put that back. Okay. -So then what I did is I just pop it in the fridge for a little bit while I was getting us ready. -Okay. And you've got the finishing touches, the whipped cream, the strawberries and the chocolate cookie crumbs but we need to start with the filling. -Getting a little ahead of ourselves? -We're getting ahead of ourselves. We're gonna head to the stove. Come on. All right. We were ready for the filling, the cooking part. What did we already have it in here? This is the chocolate. -So what we have in here is 12 ounces of white chocolate that I just chopped up. We've got 4 ounces of cream cheese. -Okay, cream cheese right at the bottom there. -Yes and then we've got some heavy cream, that's a quarter cup of heavy cream and it's got a teaspoon and a quarter of gelatin that we've soaked for a little bit. Now we're just gonna add it in. -Okay. -And we are going to heat it on medium low heat for about 6 minutes. -You know what, Julie? I think we could eat this without putting it in the pie filling. -Just a spoon. -It looks just like pudding. -It's about 5 or 6 minutes just continually stirring. -How's it going? Been silk and smooth. -I think we are there so we're just gonna turn off the heat. -Okay. -And adding a teaspoon of vanilla. -All right. -We stir that in and then we're ready for our water bath. -All right. So we need to chill the filling quickly. -Definitely. And so what we're gonna do here is we've got what's called either an ice bath or a water bath. -Yes. -We just got ice cubes and water in a bowl. -Okay. -And I'm gonna transfer this into the large bowl. Stir it continuously while it just sits in there and gets cold real quick. -All right. What can I do while you're chilling the filling? -I would love you to beat the heavy cream. We called for 1 cup of heavy cream and whip up to 2 cups. -So that looks pretty good. I think you're just about at medium just it peaks so why don't you go ahead and pull out those beaters. -Do you think I should taste it just to make sure it's okay? -Yes, you can. I mean there's not any sugar in it, so it might be a little-- -Okay. Who needs sugar? -Exactly. -Heavy cream. -We're just gonna lift this out of the ice bath. -Okay. -Back to the side and we're gently gonna fold in about 1/3 of those that heavy cream that you've beaten up. -All right. -So let's with just a little bit in there and folding you wanna cut it in half kind of with the spatula and then fold the other mixture on top of it. -So why do you need to fold it like that rather than just, you know, mixing it around? -Because then we, you know, ruin all of that time you just spent with adding air to the cream to make it all light and airy. So-- -Okay. -We just continue until we don't see any more white streaks. I'm gonna hold the bowl. -Okay. -If you don't mind spooning it down-- -Oh, I don't mind at all. -Into the crust. -Keep the white in the center so we don't ruin all those beautiful cookies. -So then just smooth out that top a little bit. -Yes. -And we pop it directly into the fridge. Perfect. -Just waiting for that filling to chill I think like forever. -Hey, I think we're there, Juli. -You think? Is it good? -I think we are all set. -All right. -So let me bring it over. We're gonna start topping away. -Okay. Let's top away. -So you can go ahead and spoon that whipped topping on there. Then we're just gonna sprinkle it with strawberries and some of the crushed sandwich cookies. -Good. -Okay. I'll just gonna-- -You show me how you do it. -Spread it out. Neat trick if you don't have a spatula-- -Yes. -Use the back of a spoon to make this really-- -Oh yes. -Professional looking swirls. Yes and you just top it with berries, however you want. You could also add, you know, different flavor berries if you wanted, blueberries or blackberries. -Okay. -With raspberries even would be really nice with this. -I think oh and then what? -And then we just do a little bit of the cookie crumbs for the added pizzazz. Very contrasty. -This looks delicious. -Time to sample. -We have to try it. Okay. Let's taste it. -Lift it out. -That chilled really nicely. -Firm slice almost like a cheesecake. Thank you, madam. -All right. Let's try. You first. -Okay. -Oh my goodness. -You can't go wrong. -That is delicious. -White chocolate mousse pie-- -Mama always told me-- right? -I don't have to talk with my mouth full, but I'm gonna do it anyway. If you want more great recipes, you have to pick up Family Circle Magazine or check back with us. We'll have lots more I'm Juli Auclair along with Julie Miltenberger. Thanks for watching. Let's have some more. -Okay.