Meal Planning

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-Welcome to Parents TV on Demand. A place for parents to learn, share and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Most moms dread the task of making dinner at the end of a long tiring day. By evening, your energy, patience and creativity were spent and you've got nothing left but a blank stare. Everybody is hungry and looking at mom to make the dinner time need. But thanks for Parents Magazine and Discover Card, Holly has found a way to get it together with an easy dinner time solution. -Moms, don't you just love those moments when you can just be quite and be still and relax? All right. Who are we kidding? They don't laugh very long. You know what happens. Everybody comes in, uh-huh. What's for dinner? What's for dinner? Okay. If we're all hungry, shouldn't we all fit in in a whole meal planning and meal preparation experience. -Yeah. -Yeah, yeah. Okay, first step, we need to make a menu. You wanna do that? -Yes. -Let's go together. Moms, whether you're making meal for one, two, three, four, or more, it can be hard at the end of the day when you're tired. So, getting everybody involved is a lot more fun it takes so much stress of mom to be the only person providing meals. So, guys, we're gonna start with the menu. What's your favorite meal? -Pasta. -[unk]. -Crab. -Crab? -Macaroni and cheese. -Mac and cheese. I don't know about you moms but sometimes I lack the creativity to find new things for a repertoire. So, it's a good idea to grab some cook books, some magazines, look through them and find some new dishes to make. Okay, now we need to make our grocery list we've got on our meals. It's a good idea, mommies, to have your kids right out the grocery list that helps with word recognition and selling. So, Carl is gonna make the list for us. Okay. Ready for the grocery list? Pasta, crab and mac and cheese. And put steak on there too, steak. Once you make our list, you get to go to the seller. Definitely need some veggies, ice cream, an ice cream too of course. All right. We made our list and now we're at the grocery store. Most mommies feel traumatized after a trip to the grocery store but not if you sign your kids different task. Have them help out putting their items in the cart so they feel empowered and like they're really contributing to the meal process. Okay, you guys, are you ready? Go find your items. I guess you should find them. See how they're doing. Guys. You know, we can end up spending a lot of money at the grocery store. So, why not bring the kids? Give them a chance to get involved and help. During that process they learn a little something and mom gets the help she deserves. Hey, we're gonna have pasta tonight. Thank you. Hey, are you guys ready to go home and make dinner? -Yeah. -Okay. -Yeah. -Let's go. We're back from the store. We have all our food planned out for the week and every night is a special night. Tonight is Riley's night. She chose pasta. So, we're actually gonna take this night and celebrate her and every kid will have their own night and own celebrations. Does that sound good to you guys? -Yeah. -Okay. Well, I need help with dinner. Doesn't stop with the planning, we have to do it too. So, who's gonna wash veggies? -Me. -You? Okay. Anne, will you help me set the table? Yeah. Okay. Let's get started. Come on. Great job, everybody. We did everything we planned. We shopped, we washed the vegetables, we set the table, we're ready for dinner. See, all these little hungry tummies can equal a lot of help in the kitchen and it brings the whole family together. I'm ready for dinner now. We're just waiting for dad, right? -Yeah. -Way to get in together, yeah. Nice. Nice. Nice. Bye, everybody. -Ready to make meal planning a family activity? Then go to There's some great ways to get your kids involved in your day-to-day tasks. You'll find checklist, resources, and other tips on how to get it together courtesy of Parents Magazine and Discover Card. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.