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-We've got some money saving tips for you today when it comes to surfing the web. Jonna Gallo from Family Circle Magazine is here to tell us about some great websites where you can get stuff for free and I don't know anyone who doesn't like something for free. -Especially these days, I mean, free is the magic word. -Free is the magic word. Now, we're not talking about samples of products but these are applications, these are services that you can get online for free, right in there all from the book, How to Be a Geek Goddess? Practical Advice for using computers with smarts and style. Tell me why Family Circle likes this book so much. -Well, we love this book because it's written by Christina Tynan-Wood who was a contributing editor to Family Circle. That means that we have an established relationship with her, she does a lot of tech coverage for us that geared specifically to moms and to families. We were thrilled to be able to spotlight the book for her in our magazine. -I'm glad you brought it into today 'cause it's gonna help me out in a lot of people a lot. The first freebie that we're gonna talk about is online based. It's an online based calendar and this is really good for people who don't wanna give up their paper calendars, right? Tell me how it works. -Correct. It's called essential PIN, and what PIN stands for, P-I-N is personal information manager, and it's a wonderful compliment to your paper calendar. I would never tell anybody that they should give up their paper calendar. I would personally never give up mine because I love it so. But, essential PIN lets you have an electronic backup basically and you can update it, you can keep everyone's personal y information. Their telephone number, their cellphone numbers, you can keep the calendar, you can keep a to-do-list. All kinds of task that we all like to do on paper, you can also do on the computer. So, it kinda gives you what check and a double check in a way between the two. So, you don't have to commit to one or the other. You can have both and of course it's easy to update on the computer, no crossing out. You can keep it very up to the minute and you can access it from your computer, no problem. -Such a good idea because I could never give up the paper calendar. Something complement to each other. -Who would want to? -Exactly. Now, instead of spending a ton of money on office software, you found a free version which is fantastic. How do you get that? -It's called Open Office Software. It's at and it is a wonderful totally free alternative to the types of office software that you would normally buy at an office supply place, whether you need spreadsheet, application or you need a basic, you know, document formation that you can just type into-- there's a number of different components to it and it's called Open Source Software and what that means is it's developed by people. It's not developed by a for-profit company. It's constantly being updated. Other programmers out there say, hey, this could be this better if the code were written this way and it's so-- it's just-- it's constantly being updated by people who are in the know about computers and so-- -And they have those of us who are not in the know. -Absolutely. Absolutely. -That's where we'll be. I love this next one. It's really a cool voicemail application for your cellphone. Tell us how it works. -That's It's a lot of fun, you know, it's the type of thing that, is it truly essential in life? Probably not but is it a heck of a lot of fun? Definitely. -Absolutely. -Absolutely. You can override your cellphone's basic voicemail component very easily. It will walk you through once you sign up on this site. It's all free and what they will-- you know, you can set it to have one message if your kid is calling from their cellphone. You can have it set to pick up with another message if your husband is calling from his cellphone. -How cool is that? I love it. -If your boss is calling from their cellphone and you can also-- if you are being pestered by say, a telemarketer or you know, maybe an ex or somebody that you don't wanna talk to, you can program YouMail to play a message for them saying that your phone is out of service. -And you will never be picking up again so leave me alone. -Absolutely. -That is so much fun. I really like that one. And also we wanna keep our computers safe but all the antivirus software is pretty expensive. It can add up after a while but you found some free ware. -It is. AVG is a company that also packages, you know, antivirus and anti-phishing software for a price but they make a very serviceable, very useful basic version available at their website. It's not as comprehensive, frankly as some of the programs that you might buy, but it is a terrific starter package. -Right. -You don't wanna go without for sure, ever, ever, ever. Don't ever go without. So, this is a great stuff at measure. -Okay, good advice. And finally, you've got a great way for busy moms to manage their finances and of course it's free. -It's terrific, you know, Quicken is a wonderful, wonderful tool for people, you know, online banking is definitely picking up steam or finding more and more people that are kind of overcoming their fear factor and Quicken, it basically aggregates all of your financial information into one place instead of you having to go to the various websites to input a payment manually. Quicken will gather all-- you give it your information, it will gather everything together and it will tell you, you know, when something is due, we'll make the payment for you. It can also even help you create a basic budget keyed to what your spending has been. So, it can see, you know, it categorizes expenditures and funds. It's not a perfect system but they come close a lot of the time. -Anything that helps a busy mom get organized, -Absolutely. -it's definitely appreciated. Jonna, thank you so much for coming in and let's find all this free stuff. -Free is good. -Free is good and there's even more in the April 17th issue of Family Circle Magazine. So, definitely pick it up, it's on news stands now or you can get the book How to Be a Geek Goddess by Christina Tynan-Wood. Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you soon.