Happy Haircuts

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-Hi. I'm Anne Ebeling. You're watching Parents TV. When it comes to cutting your child's hair, there are several ways you could go. Some of you may remember the traumatic at home trim that left you crying for days. Now if you have a steady hand, you may wanna go that route on your child but for those who don't wanna chance it, here are several other great options to consider. -Hello, hello, hello, hello. -Hi. -Are you ready for me? -How are you? -Good. How are you? Now you give me a kiss and you give me a nice big hug. We love kid's hair. They're good for little girl to see mommy at their best or sometime I go from one generation to another generation. So that could be family affair. You know I know you for 4 years now, even before, 4 years and 9 months. If the child is like Elle is about 4, I'm gonna sit down, I'm gonna make standing or standing up holding on something so she's quite stable. Even the child is very turbulent at least she'll be sitting on my station so I can turn them the way I want and they're usually pretty good. You get the child diverted like I would tell our customer put hair down and for the kid look at your shoes. Oh, you're so good. You're such a good little boy or a good little lady. Wow, look at that. You are so beautiful and they usually just-- it's so easy. -It's important for me to bring her to this salon to get a professional cut although it's not a lot he's taking up, but it makes it a lot easier for me to handle at home. -Good for hair. And accessories, accessories, accessories. Well, thank you very much, Misses. -You say thank you, good job and say hi. -You like your hair? Yes? -He used to cut your dolls here, right? -Yes. -Look what I got for you my friend. -Wow. -Hop in here like a big boy. Ready? 1, 2, 3, big boy. All right. The price is always right considering going to a salon you pay about 20, 30 dollars more, you know, for a simple kid's haircut plus it's a lot more fun. The atmosphere is more fun. You have a nice kid's chair and everything else and nice TV for the kids to watch cartoons. There are a few challenges. Some kids are very, very good and they like it. Some kids are scared of the machines. Some kids are scared of the scissors. Some kids don't wanna sit still. They wanna keep moving around or they wanna scream and cry. Usually the lollipop works. Would you like a lollipop when you finish? What kind of lollipop would you like? What flavor do you like? -The brown one. -You want the brown one? Mom, dad, son, their daughter, they come in, you know, and the kids feel like they're all grown up. They're sitting with daddy, they're getting their hair cut, wanting, you know, getting the same style like daddy gets, you know, same thing that daddy gets, you know. Every kid wants to be like their father or their mother. -It's great. It's convenient. It's close to our home and it's Joe, we just love Joe. -You're brand new, kiddo. You're ready for the rock band. Is this the one you want? So you want a brown one? -Say thank you. -You have high five? -The things that we're doing here with the bubbles and lollipops and balloons it makes this pretty easy to cut the kid's hair. They're really good because they're really, you know, they actually sit through the haircuts so it's a pretty relaxed kind of situation. I think it's a little bit of, you know, on a personal level where it's a little bit different than some of the big corporate places where we're on a personal rapport with the kids, and I think that makes it a little bit easy to work with them. They feel comfortable. What we do is like I'll ask the parents to come in one day and just walk around with their child, watch another child get a haircut, take it easy. We're really good about not having the child get it if they're not comfortable. I have some little boys actually that are about 5 years old that actually come in and when they get their haircut, they actually wanna put the paste in it. A lot of it is teaching their parents what to do with the hair because you know they come in, they just don't know what to do as far as using a lot of the leading conditioners so we do a little bit of everything with the haircut and teaching and educating the parents how to work with the hair, because sometimes the moms will do it at home or their dad you know, so we do a lot of corrective cutting in here. So I'm gonna come over and put it just a little beret in your hair so we can dress you up just a little bit. Do you wanna see your hair? What do you think about that? You think it looks pretty? Does that look okay? You look beautiful. Yey. Very good. -I think this is a great location. It's really close to our house and we always have fun, making up the fun things knowing though it's very enticing and she had a great haircut. -All right. Do you like your tattoo? It's pretty, right? Yes, she has a tattoo. Yey. All right. You're all done. -Because it's something you'll be doing from time to time, it's important to keep the haircutting experience as drama-free as possible for your toddler. And with all the options out there, there has to be something that will have your little one begging to go for a trim. Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives.