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-I'm Julie O'Claire. You're watching Parents TV. Bath time is a great time to bond with your baby and it also helps your little one relax before bedtime. Here with some great new bath products that will not only entertain your baby but keep her safe too is American Baby senior lifestyle editor, Jessica Hartshorn. Thank you for coming in. -Thank you, Julie. -It's always good to see you-- -Yeah. -and you bought great products today. -Uh huh. -We're gonna start with the tubs. And the WashPOD, that's something I've never seen before but it's a great idea. -Yeah. Prince Lionheart came up with this WashPOD. It's kind of-- it's like a-- it's a bucket but made specifically for a baby. It's got a special insert in there to seat a young one and it's for zero-- so birth up to six months, a little baby. -And it makes them feel more secure. -Because some babies don't like being laid back in water or having their arms flailing so this sort of bundles them and keeps them sitting upright. And it's easy for a mom to use sometimes too. But if you wanna go with the more traditional infant tub, there's also something like the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center. This has a newborn sling so you do lay a baby back in there and then as the baby grows a little older and can sit up with your support, you can seat them in the regular green tub. -And when is that? When can they start sitting up? -About four months, five months, six months. And then after six months, they should start being able to sit up on their own, and at that point, you can move them out of the infant tub and into the big tub; but again, always with your supervision. You never, ever walk out of the room when your baby's in water. -Take the baby with you if you have to go. -Right. If the doorbell's ringing and you can't ignore it, then you take your baby with you. Otherwise, try to pick bath time to be a time when you don't have to answer the phone or have any distractions. -Exactly. And you have some great toys in here to keep your baby entertained when you're in the tub. Little doggies and the-- and this a great-- -Munchkin gave me-- Munchkin makes their White Hot Duck to tell you if the bath temperature is too hot. That will say hot in white. If the temperature is too far over 100 degrees, there's also some great little stuff from Little Tykes and from Alex. That guide comes with a Fisher-Price tub. You get a couple of toys with it. I love bath toys, they're so fun. -And now-- Also, this pelican-- -Yeah. -is fantastic because it's a big-- it's a big jug to keep the water in to sort of wash your baby's hair with. -Uh huh, to rinse off a young baby or when your toddler's a little older and you need to wash their whole head. This kind of gets it all in one scoop. That's also by Munchkin. And the little doggies are from Alex. If you put them in hot water, you can wash their spots off. -Which is so much fun, isn't it? -Yeah. -You wash the dirty dog, make it clean. Okay. Now, that we have our babies in the tub, we need good products for sensitive skin 'cause babies can be very sensitive. -Right. -What have you brought? -Well, yeah. You wanna pick something baby-specific from the baby aisle. I am a big fan of all the lavender wash stuff because I do think that bath time is the best pre-bedtime ritual. It signals to your baby or your toddler that the day is done. We're moving on to our bedtime and-- -Let's them relax. -Yeah. And if you make it a routine every night, it really does cue them. They can-- They're gonna start getting tired and it's time to do, you know, some bedtime. But if you-- if you need to use this just like a problem-solving time for your baby's skin, you wanna choose a moisturizing bath. And if your baby's prone to rashes, whether it's eczema or heat rash or diaper rash, -Uh huh. -I love the Aveeno Oatmeal Bath. -It must be really soothing. -Yeah. It kinda stops itch right away. It-- So they even recommend it for things like, you know, mosquito bites or anything like that. And then, if your baby does have a rash whether it's on their bottom or even on their chin from drool-- -Uh huh. -you can use something like [unk] which is petroleum-based. -And what I really love is the Sassy Visor because you wanna keep the suds in the water out of their eyes. -Right. -I know my son doesn't like that at all. -Even if it doesn't sting, they just don't like that sensation of all the water coming over their face so this visor keeps it all off. -Okay. Now, we have them out of the tub. We need to dry them off. Or when they're in, to clean them and this is great towels you have. -Yeah. This are just some wash cloths I picked up at target 'cause you wanna bulk up on a lot of wash cloths. Some of them are gonna get kinda grimy. I mean, babies don't get that dirty. They're not out on the mud but, you know, they get enough milk and drool-- -They sure do. Believe me. -They're messier than you think. -They're very-- They can be very messy. This is adorable, this hoodie towels. -Got little bunny towel. These are really by Pottery Barn Kids, and Lands' End also makes little hoodie towels with faces on them and all. -And it has a tail and paws on the side. It's absolutely adorable. Now, you wanna keep them entertained. -Yes. -These little toys and the tub are great but you also wanna have some bigger toys. -Yeah. These are for an older kid, maybe like 3 or 4. -This one is fantastic. This is for girls or boys too for that matter, but you can dress up the little dolls and it sticks to the side of the tub. -Yes. And this is a Rub a Dub Shaving in the Tub for a little kid who wants to pretend to be mommy or daddy shaving in the tub. It's got like, you know, foam and then a fake razor. -Now, we'll-- -Yeah, but we have to play for them. -So you're the musician in your family. -[unk]. This is a xylophone that floats in the tub. Tub Tune, again from Alex. -So while on top of the water and then they can play. And they make other instruments too, right? -Right. And they got the horns and the shaker. -Okay. And then you have these in the front here. We've talked about the little doggies and this-- -Uh huh. -you just pull the string on this one. -Sassy makes that little boat. Yeah. -And all different kinds of animals, right? -Glides in the water. Yeah. -Okay. -And then those letters stick to the side of your tub with water. I like those 'cause I-- you can use them to teach your kid how to spell their name or-- -And this is by? -That's also from Alex. -This is from Alex. You could-- They can spell all kinds of things. My daughter's five. She still loves to spell with those. -Yeah. -Okay. Moving on over here. The whale sorter. -Yeah, that's a little shape sorter for maybe a younger kid or, you know, one or two-year-old. I think that's also from Alex. And then, bath writers are run. I think Crayola also makes crayon tubs, although these ones are from Alex where you can-- kids can draw all over the tub, but then it's very easy to wash right off. -Just wash it all off. -Yeah. -So no mess for mom. And one thing that we didn't mention over here, this is the organizer, the sorter, -Uh huh. -so you can keep all your products together and it also drains the water out. -Right. There's a corner organizer also from Fisher-Price which matches the Rainforest line. -To bottom line, we're keeping our kids safe with all these products but having a lot of fun in the tub too. -Yeah, because it's-- it really is one of the few times when you're sitting and giving your child all your attention because you have to, for safety, being right there next to them. But it's a great time to play and have fun together and just a little, you know, wind down routine together. I feel like it-- -And a really good time to bond. -Yes. -Okay. -Yeah. -All right. Jessica Hartshorn, thank you so much for coming in. We appreciate you telling us all about these great new products and bath safety at the same time. Thank you. And thank you for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives.