Back To Work After Baby

Going Back To Work After Baby

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-Hi, Anne Ebeling. You're watching Parents TV. You've had the baby. Now, it's time to go back to work. But leaving your little one behind can be touch. I talked to moms about missing baby, making money, and getting back into the game after being away. -I don't think you make that decision until the day you actually come back. Really, I mean, you could say you're coming back, you could say you're not coming back. I don't think you know until that day when you'll leave the house. Magazine marketing director Dorene Bair is coming back to work after having her second child. -Oh. -Dorene gave birth to daughter Lily 2 years ago and had son, Charlie, just a few months ago. -The first time around was a lot different 'cause I really wanted to get out of the house 'cause it was a little crazy and it was great to, you know, shower in more and get ready and, you know, kind of feel like myself again. So, it was hard, you know, leaving her, but I felt more of a pull to feel like myself the first time around. You know, I think then you realize yourself as actually being mom, so this time is a little bit different. When making the decision whether or not to go back to work, there are several things a woman must consider. -You think into consideration, you know, yourself, what you need to make sure that your family is, you know, intact, you know, mentally, emotionally, financially. You know, all of those things and I think if you are mentally okay then you're gonna be great for your kids. -Money is another consideration for women returning to work after baby. Certified financial planner and mom Stacey Francis says the financial side of going back to work has its own set of things to think about. -Staying home for many couples is very much a viable option. When you take a look at the cost of childcare, we understand very well what child care is because I work full time as well as my husband and the cost of childcare, for good childcare, is not inexpensive so that's something you really wanna take into consideration. How much is my salary? How much am I gonna be bringing home after tax? Remember, after tax. And how much are we gonna have left over after paying for childcare. It may be worse for you to go back to work, but it may not be worsened. -Dorene says that for her going back to work means more opportunities for her children. -My income, you know, in addition to my husband's income, you know, enables us to do things, you know, with our family that, you know, maybe would be a little bit more difficult to do if, you know, I wasn't working and, you know, we can do things for our kids, you know, even if it's saving for school. You know, Lily jokes and she calls herself Dr. Lily so that's why I'm really back to work 'cause, you know, you never know. -So, if you decide it is worth it to go back, make sure you're getting what you're worth. -I think the most important thing for women to know is what her value is because what we see women doing when they go back into the workforce is shortchanging themselves and taking jobs that do not pay them what they are worth, maybe do not offer them the benefits that they deserve. -And Dorene says check your guilt at the door. -Going back to work is truly a personal choice. If you don't have a choice, then you have to go back to work as long as you are comfortable with who is caring for your children, I think, you know, everything will be okay and I really do believe that, you know, they are no worse for the wear if you work. -To make the transition from baby to the boardroom even easier, Parents TV's working mom Kara Sundlun gets some back to work tips from a baby expert. -So, I'm here with our resident doula. And, you know, when I was going back to work, it was really hard to leave Helena as much as I love my job. A lot of women go through this. How can you prepare yourself to go back to work? -Well, I think that more importantly you need to talk to somebody about your fears. Talking things over really kind of gets things out in the open. So, you know, talk to your husband. Say, you know what, I don't know if I'm ready for this, but, you know, he may have some good points, talk to girlfriends, talk to other moms who have gone through the same thing. Talk to other moms who have gone through the same thing as you. -Just be honest with everyone. -Be honest with everybody. -Because honestly everyone knows it's hard to leave something as precious as this. -Joan says before the big day comes, practice your new routine. -You've gotta think about getting ready in the morning, get a shower-- -How do you do that? -possibly. So, you know-- you know, if you're dropping the child off at daycare, you know, go through the steps. -Put your supermom suit away and take baby steps. -Baby steps, absolutely. Some of the things that you can do to, again, dropping the baby off for a couple of hours, take your time doing it. -Even ask your boss if you can start slowly, maybe a few half days at first or go back on a Wednesday so you won't have a whole week to get through. To reduce stress, try and keep your mind focused. -Another thing that you need to do as well is be in the moment. Make sure that when you're at work, you're trying to keep yourself focused on your work, but also when you're at home with your child, don't think about work. Your focus should mainly be on the baby. -Thank you very much. Some good advice from Joan. Mom is the word. -You're welcome. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families our lives.