Healthy Eating

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-This mom's Mini-Casts is being brought to you by Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal. Keeps them full, keeps them focused. -Welcome to Mini-Casts. Feeling a tad overwhelmed with all the do's and don'ts on what foods are best for your kids? Well, today, we're breaking it down for you, making it as simple as simple can be. We have three easy steps to get your kids on the right track and joining us now is Parents Magazine's health and psychology editor, Diane Debrovner. Thank you so much for coming in. -Thank you for having me. -So today, we're talking healthy eating 1, 2, 3 and you say, to get started, we should get down with dairy. -Dairy has that essential combination of calcium and Vitamin D that is crucial for building strong bones in kids. So you wanna serve dairy with every meal. Ideally, serve a glass of milk with every meal. Kids love cheese. You can melt cheese on vegetables, on whole grain toast. You can do lots of things with cheese and certainly yoghurt is really popular with kids and they can dip fruit and different things with yoghurt. -Now, once we get down with dairy, then we need to go with the grain. We're talking whole grains here. -Whole grains are really important for a variety of different reasons. It helps keep kids' blood sugar steady after meals so that they don't get really hungry right away and it just helps them feel satisfied. Breads and cereals that have whole grains just have more vitamins and minerals in them because the outer part of the grain doesn't get stripped away and that's really where all the good stuff is. -And sometimes cereal is good for even a snack later in the day. Eating it dry out of a bowl, my kids love to do that. -And with milk too. -And with milk too. -Together. Right. -You're right. Exactly. We're getting all the food groups in here. All right. Now, we're gonna pound the produce aisle because it's really tough for a lot of parents to get their kids to eat fruits and veggies. What do you recommend? -Kids are really picky particularly with vegetables and we say it's a good idea to get your kids involved in the shopping process. Bring them to the supermarket and ask them to help you pick out what they think they would like, and encourage them to pick different colored fruits and vegetables. If you pick blue and red and orange and green and yellow, you're maximizing the amount of nutrition that you're gonna be putting in your kid's plate. -And then once they pick it at the store, they'll be excited to go home and eat what they've chosen. -They will be and you wanna make it easy and fun for them to eat fruits and vegetables. Starting with dip-- Kids like the way dip tastes and it just makes it more fun. So you can use low-fat dressing. You can use hummus for vegetables. -Uh huh. -Yoghurt for fruit and that-- that's something that kids like a lot. -Great healthy tips. We've got-- Get down with dairy, go with the grain, and pound the produce aisle. Diane Debrovner, thank you so much for all this great advice today. -Thank you. -Keep watching Parents TV for more Mom's Mini-Casts, brought to you by Frost Mini-Wheats Cereal. Keeps them full, keeps them focused.