Sandless Box

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-Hi, everybody, I'm Juli Auclair, and I am here along with Stephen Gass, the creator of Eebee's Adventures. It's great to have you. -Great to be here, Juli. -And of course Eebee is here too. Hi, Eebee. -Eebee. -And today, we're gonna show you how to have fun in the sand with sand box. So Stephen, show us how this works. -All right. A sand box, filling and spilling is filled with lots of big ideas for baby, more, less, higher, lower. So let's put some more in here. -And cereal instead of sand. -That's right, and it tastes a lot better too. You're taking turns, an important social skill. Eebee, can you dump it out? -Yeah. -Yey! -There you go. -Good work, Eebee. -Can you catch this? -Yeah. -Can you give some back? -Oh, Eebee is- -There you go. -learning how to share at the same time. -That's right. Sharing, filling, is going. -What a great, great adventure for your child. Thank you so much, Stephen, and thank you too, Eebee. Can I have a kiss? Oh, thank you. And for more fun with Eebee, you can check out the Comcast video-on-demand channel called Baby Boost or go to and keep watching Parents TV, where you find more great Eebee moments, right Eebee? -Eebee. -Yey! -Eebee.