Salad With Chicken

Pasta Salad With Chicken

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-From the Family Circle Kitchen to your kitchen on Parents T. -Hi everybody, I'm Juli Auclair and you're watching Parents TV. And today, we are gonna show you how to make the perfect pasta salad for your barbecue or, hey, any time for that matter, right? Who needs an excuse? We are over in the Family Circle Test Kitchen with senior food editor, Julie Miltenberger. Thanks for having us over again. -It's lovely to be here. Thank you. -Lovely to see you. Tell us what we need to do. You've got everything laid out for us. -So, what we're gonna do here is we've started with about 8 ounces of pasta-- -Uh-huh. -whatever favorite shape that you like. We've chosen our fusilli here. Just cooked it, drained it, cooled it, and put it here in the serving bowl. -And this is good because it sort of holds all the-- -dressing and the-- -Right. -other ingredients together. -Okay. -And then we've got 2 cups of chicken here, rotisserie chicken. You could just pull off the breast meat and cut it into bite size pieces. -And that makes it quick and easy. It's already prepared for you. -You don't have to do any cooking. -We like that. -And then you could also use, you know, canned or pouches of chicken as well. -Okay. -Then we've also got 1 red pepper here that I quartered and diced into bite size pieces, 2 ribs of celery that have been trimmed and chopped, and then half cup of crumbled feta cheese. You could either buy it in a block and then crumble it up yourself or this is packaged already crumbled. So,-- -They're perfect. -very easy to just measure and go. -Okay. Let's add it in. -Yes. We're just gonna-- why don't you grab the chicken? -Okay. -We'll just dump it in the bowl. -Very colorful. Yes. -Why don't you start on making the dressing? -Okay. What's first? -So, first I'd love it if you could chop up-- this is a quarter cup of fresh dill just loosely packed. So, we'll start in this bowl here with the vinegar and the mayo. -All right. Vinegar going in and the mayo while you're mixing up over there. -Yup. -This is pretty simple to make. You can have-- if you say chop everything the night before and put it in the fridge. -Yeah and then you're all ready to go. Just toss and-- toss and serve. Okay. And so then we're gonna add in the honey and it should be pretty easy to come out of that bowl 'cause quick tip-- -Yeah. -Spray it first with a little nonstick cooking spray. -And look at how it pours right out. -And just slice right out. You can also do that with your measuring spoons too. -Julie, you're so smart! -Oh, you know-- -Who knew? Spray it with a little cooking spray. -Now, you're just gonna add in the salt and pepper. -All right. -And you can use that whisk and whisk it all together. -That over here and here we go. -Just until it's kinda smooth and the mayonnaise dissolves. All right. So, while you continue to whisk, I'm gonna slowly add this olive oil in there just so that it can get emulsified. And it's a quarter cup. -Okay. So, a slow drizzle. -Yup, just so that you can see it won't get all separated a lot of times. Some dressings that you make are gonna get separated. All right. -That smells nice. -Very fresh. -Yeah. Okay. -Then just add in the dill. -It's ready to pour? -I think so. So, what don't you stir? -Okay. -And I'll pour. And I'm just gonna drizzle it down so that we can get all of that really nice dill divided and evenly distributed. -All right. -Yeah. -Ooh. Oh, I'm always making a mess. We can clean that right up. No problem. -No one will notice. Exactly. -No one will even notice. You stir. I'll get the paper towel. -Okay. Sounds good. -Okay. And we clean it up. -Great. I've got a couple forks over here. -Okay. -You wanna dig in and taste? -Let's take a little bite. -Uh-huh. There you go. -That's looks-- -One for you. One for me. -Very light and delicious. I love what the dill does. Really adds a little-- a little kick. -There you go. Pasta salad with chicken. -Delicious, Julie. Thank you so much for having us over. You want more great recipes? Pick up a Family Circle Magazine or check back with us at Thank you so much for watching. Are you making a mess? -I'm making a mess. -I'm Juli Auclair along with Julie Miltenberger. We'll see you again soon. Let me try another bite.