Home Workouts

Holly and Marni show how you can use home exercise videos to get in shape. It's easy and fun!

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. -Hey It Moms! Marni and I know how hard it is to find time, energy, and motivation to workouts. And if you can't go to a gym, you're left to find an exercise program on your own. -So, Holly and I have a number of videos that we're gonna give a try to see which ones best fit our lifestyle and energy level. -Let's give this a shot and see how it turns out. -Okay. What we got here? -Begin seated on the ball in neutral spine. -Navel to spine. Navel to spine. -Separate the feet, hips-width for stability. -It's just supposed to feel great. -[unk] -Place the feet evenly on the floor. -If you're feeling unstable, press your hands on the ball. -Feet grabbing the ball. -Right. -Feel the core of your body. Keep your ribcage on the floor. -I am breathing. Are you breathing, Holly? -I'm breathing and my buttocks muscles are soft. -She's breathing and her buttocks muscles are soft. You're just fine with soft buttocks. -Yeah. -Keep the spine in neutral as you tap the toes lightly to the floor. -It looked she had a good labor. She looks like a childbearing machine. -So, you're going to find an exercise video that you enjoy; otherwise, you'll never do it again. -And I'm not really enjoying this one obviously 'cause we're not really doing it. -We're watching. -But it's fun hanging out with friends. -Let's try another one now. Come on! -Nice job. -I am the worst at being motivated to exercise. -But when you're all alone, it's hard. -So, grab a friend, a neighbor, or someone close to you and set aside at least one day a week. Have some fun. -Let's spice it up a little bit with some salsa. -This looks-- -Oh! -Oh, hey. -Oh, wait. You look like [unk] -[unk] the salsa. -[unk] One minute on the beat. -[unk] -She's hot, you know, look at her. Oh, so, you're ready for sexy salsa moves. -She's coming out from the screen. She's [unk] -Completely love it. -Oh, she's good. -I'm [unk] -Oh, okay. -Exercise should be a part of everyday-- -Ready? -just like brushing your teeth. -It's 30 minutes a day. -Really? -That's what they say. -Thirty minutes a day. -Oh, she's got a little-- -That's what they say. -Oh, these [unk] like bend and snap. -One, cha-cha-cha. -When you feel like a moron, you just don't wanna do it very often. And I bought this. So, this is gonna be at my house anytime you wanna come over and try it again. -Like that, shake it. -It certainly requires dance training. -We're down here and there up here. -Yeah, yeah. -So, we're gonna move on. -Yes. This is the next video. -Pilates is all the hype right now. So, we're gonna try out one of their videos. I like it because you get to lay on the floor a lot. -Oh, dear. -Oh. -Ooh. It is called the 100. -Good job, [unk] -I'm doing a hundred of them. -[unk] -On their belly. -Take an inhale. Drop the chin to the chest. -Okay and breathe. -Oh, cool. -Inhale, circle for an exhale. -[unk] a little more pressure than they should about staying in shape. -Yes, so ask them to watch the kids and put them to bed at night, so you can come and do the video. -Have a little hour to yourself. -All right, you guys, let's get going. I think I like the Pilates video the best. It was a little less-- -Awkward. -awkward. -Yeah. -I think, sometimes, just a good luck with a good friend will fit the bill. The point is to find something you love. -Just get active with your kids. -Yeah. -Bye, It Moms. -Bye It Moms. -Let's take a walk, guys. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. Your new video source for parenting.