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Summer Video Games

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-Hey there moms and dads. Once summer begins your kids are probably gonna have a lot more free time on their hands. So, today we are gonna tell you about some great video games that I think you can want to try. We included a lot of portable games here which are really good for traveling, and when my family went on vacation my daughter loved playing Gardening Mama, this one is so cute and it's for the DS. -Yes. -She was able to plant seeds and watch her garden grow. This theme is ready to eat for everybody and it sells around $30 and she'd love growing the tulips. Another one of my daughter's favorites is the Littlest Pet Shop Spring. Check this one out. It's so cute. This is a new edition to the Littlest Pet Shop collection that has six new pets and four new mini games. Another great game that we want to show you for girls is the Imagine Make Up Artist. It's also Rated E and it sells for just around $30, now we have not forgotten the boys, we found this line of games right here and this one is called Jake Power, these role-playing games were created for boys ages 5 to 8. Firefighter, police officer or even a handyman game. Now for the older kids and the adults too, you can check out Scrabble. Scrabble for the DS and for Xbox Live it's with-- for the Hasbro Family Game Night. It's traditional Scrabble game that we all grew up with, right? It's so much fun and one really cool feature about the DS version is that you can play someone on another DS with the close range Wi-Fi connection. Now, classic board games make even more of your old favorites high-tech. You can play Hangman, Crosswords and 11 other mini games, it's Rated E and it sells for $29.99. Another game that we know that the whole family is gonna love, check it out, it's right here, it's called Rhythm Heaven. And you may remember Beyonce in the commercial playing this and having a really good time, well now you can have a good time too. This DS game consists of 50 mini games. Now, they require you to use some Rhythm so if you got Rhythm you can have a great time with this. The games are simple to grasp so any age level can really enjoy it. Now Nintendo also has two new games out in its Personal Trainer line, and our Senior Producer Tera Monciek, she loves both of these games. We can't get her to stop playing them. The first one is Persona Trainer Walking, it's right here, and it includes two pedometers, it's right down in the front, you can wear them around or you can carry them all day, and then it tracks how much and when you walks. Now, up to four people can use the same game and it compares results. So, it's sort of creating a little friendly competition within the family while you're playing the game. What can be better than that. Then there's Personal Trainer Math. Now this one is just perfect for any adult that wants to brush up on their Math skills or any student who wants to stay academically active during the summer. Parents are gonna love this for these kids and it retails for just around $20. Now, Nintendo also came up with something great, it's an updated version of the DS and it's called the DSi, and take a look down here, we love this little game, you can play most of your DS games on it including all the games that we're showing you today but the DSi also has new features like a built-in camera. Now, what do you know? That just happens to be our Senior Producer Tera Monciek, she doesn't know that we were gonna do this but we gave her a little cat ears and whispers. Is this not adorable? You get to play with the pictures after you take them. It's in stores now, she's gonna kill me, and it goes for around $170. Now, to go along with the-- a couple of big summer movies, we have got some video game tie-ins including Harry Potter over here, and the Half Blood Prince. It's available for all the major platforms and it's Rated E for the DS version and it's E10 Plus for the other platforms. Also, another great one is GI Joe and the Rise of the Cobra. It's also available on all major platforms and this game is Rated E10 Plus for the DS version and T for the consol version so it'll be available in early August. Another console game that the older kids are gonna love is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and it's for the Wii. Nintendo brought back the classic game, cube game with enhanced motion controls using the Wii remote, and it's also Rated E10 Plus. The entire family is also going to love Broom Blocks Dash Party. This is the sequel to the original Boom Blocks developed by EA with Steven Spielberg. Now, you use Physics to complete tasks within this game and this is the one that you can play by yourself or with a family, you can compete against each other. You will enjoy the game either way. It is Rated E and it sells for just about $40. Finally we've been waiting to tell you about this game, you're definitely gonna get off the couch to play this. It's perfect to share, with all members of your family, check this out down here, you just put this down on the floor, it's called Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves. And it's available for the Wii and comes with two dance pads so you can dance together and it features all of the classic Disney songs that you probably know by heart by now. Well these are some of our summer favorites but we really wanna hear what you think so send us an e-mail to Thank you so much for watching everybody. We will see you soon.