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Yoga for Kids

Parents TV's Kris Eisenhauer shows how to get your kids interested in yoga for better fitness and fun.

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. -Hi, I'm Kris and I'm always encouraging my daughter, Gracie, to get a lot of exercise, but she can get so bored with the same old swimming and soccer. Well, today, I'm gonna show you how to get your kids hooked on yoga at a very young age. -Everyone gets a chance with the talking stick and they get to say one really cool thing that happened today. -I had a very, very fun school day. -I think yoga is a great practice. It's a great practice to work on strengthening, balance, all that great stuff that adults do. And why not bring it to kids? Because kids need strength and balance and flexibility and also seeing now these kids are so busy in their lives and they need a way to center themselves and yoga is a great way to bring that center into their lives. -Can we sit criss-cross applesauce or butterfly? -You get upset that your parents get angry with you or you get frustrated, feel free to go to your room and maybe do child's pose or maybe practice some yoga breathing. -And breathe in. -When we first started this class, the kids could maybe make it about 30 seconds. And now, they're working closer to about a minute, have been able to be quiet. And it's hard for kids to remain quiet that long. -[unk] -They are able to remain quieter the longer they do it. -[unk] you kinda make it a fun class, so it's not just like everybody is sitting around. They're actually getting a little activity too, [unk] a little bit of cardiovascular workout too. It is a little bit-- I mean, with kids, you can't do just a regular yoga class that adults do. They'd be bored. So, it's really important to implement games, get lots of games, make it fun-- -[unk] monkeys. -Okay. -the fun involved which allows all the kids to have their turn at same poses. -Big breaths, inhale, exhale. -And then what's really fun is the kids like to bring it home to their parents. And they love teaching their parents yoga. It makes it really fun. And then the parents get more involved because it's something that can be done in the house and that you don't need any equipment. -From here, let me see you jump in your frogs. -They get so tired of the same old soccer, swimming, baseball, you know, all those things. So, this is really a change and it seems to be something that's fairly new for kids. -It's now becoming more popular. You're seeing it more amongst adults. And now, we're noticing it's really helping kids because of all those things I mentioned, like flexibility and balance. And I think, now, these kids are so busy in their lives at school and always [unk] activities and expectations, but yoga allows them to have that centered. -And exhale, forward bend. -I think it brings all the confidence to these kids because what I've noticed, from the time that we first started 'til now, the kids actually know the poses. -Wiggle your toes. -They feel so much confident because they know the poses and they can do it and they love teaching me. And I think that's cool. I love it. -Hands together. -What would you do if this isn't offered in your area? -If you can't find any yoga for kids class in your area, grab a book, a video, even learn yoga yourself and teach your kids. Okay, great. Thanks, [unk]. So there you go, a great way to get your kids off the couch, give them a little serenity in their lives and little for you as well. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. Your new video source for parenting. Parents TV, always on and always here for your changing life and family.