Sonogram Experience

Learn what to expect during this prenatal test that every pregnant woman should have at least once.

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-Welcome to Parents TV On Demand. A place for parents to learn, share, and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hi, everyone. I'm Juli Auclair. You're watching Parents TV. The first time parents get a chance to look at their developing baby is during an ultrasound and that's also when healthcare workers make sure your baby is healthy. Parents TV's Kara Sundlun and husband, Dennis House, take us along to one of their ultrasounds and explain what's happening during the exam. -Baby, you're going to have an ultrasound. We're gonna find out what you're doing, what you're eating. -This is-- We're excited. We're on time. Appointment is 9:30 in the morning. So, I drank my water. My bladder is nice and full, and you're actually gonna-- we're going to see the baby after-- you guys to feel it for the first time yesterday. -Exactly. -So, this is your first pregnancy? -First pregnancy. -First pregnancy. Have you had any problems such as bleeding, cramping, spotting of any kind or anything? -Nothing. I mean, every now and then, I feel, you know, a little pressure or-- but I guess the doctor is telling me that's normal. -Okay. -I just started recently feeling more movements. -Wonderful. -Yes. -What I'm going to do? I'm going to take a look at your baby. -Okay. -I'm going to look at your baby from head to toe to make sure that this little pumpkin has everything that he or she needs. -Okay. -Once I'm done with my part, you're going to meet one of our doctors. She is going to come in and she's also going to look at the baby from head to toe. Just to reassure that everything is okay. -Okay. And so the big question is you'll be able to see the gender, but we don't want-- -I'll be able to see the gender and I understand you don't wanna know, so we won't tell you. -Or you wanna be surprised? -We wanna be surprised. -Okay. Right. -Do most of you wanna be surprised or wanna find out? -It's about 50/50. -Fifty fifty. All right. -Yeah. -All right. -Okay, let's get started. -Okay. -So let's just get you wiped out. -All right. -Okay, this is nice and warm. -It is warm. -It's okay. We have gel warmers-- -So-- -to prevent from freezing our little pumpkin. -So, why do I need the gel? -The gel acts as a medium and it helps transmits the sound waves. -Okay. -In fact, we can use any type of medium, but gel seems to work the best. We can use water. We can use vegetable oil, but gel seems to be-- -I may always wonder that exactly what is an ultrasound, how are you getting to see the baby? It's from sound waves? Or-- -From sound waves. -Okay. -Okay. -For starters, the first thing that I do, I try to look at your cervix, look at your bladder. I'm-- What I'm ruling out here? I'm ruling out a placenta previa and I'm also determining where is this baby lying. Is the baby's head down? Or is the baby's butt down? So, in this one picture right here, I'll be answering a couple of questions. Baby's head is down. This is your cervix here. This is your vagina from here. This is your bladder. Okay. -You want the head to be down, right? -You want the head to be down, but at this stage of the game, baby's head can be pretty much anywhere. -Anything black is fluid. -Anything black is fluid. So, what we're looking at now, we're looking at the baby's heart Can you see it beating? -Oh. -Wow. -There it goes right there, right? -Right there. So, this is baby's heart here. -Can you hear it? -Yes, we can. The average heart rate is 120 to 160 beats per minute. -Where my arrow is right now is the baby's bladder. -Oh, it has a bladder already. -Oh, the bladder, yes. Baby's spine. -So, all the white marks we see are bone, right? -Correct, correct. So, what I'm doing in the stomach, I'm starting at baby's head which is here, working my way down to the back. -There's a lot of vertebrae. Look at that, huh. -Cutey. -Is it too early to see who he looks like? -It's too early to see who he looks like, exactly. -I think he's got my chin, your eyes. -These are the bones of the lower leg. That's the tibia here-- -Here. -and this is the fibula. -So, these are actual measurements? -These are actual measurements. Yes, actual measurements. -And what are you looking for when you're measuring? -Growth. -Growth. -So, Kara is six months pregnant now. Roughly, how big is the fetus at this time? -Weight-wise, we should be about a pound and a half to two pounds at this stage. -Wow! -It's so much fun to get an ultrasound because you get to see everything. But it doesn't hurt the baby at all, right? -It doesn't hurt the baby at all. -There's his face. -Oh, wow! -If you look closely-- -He's got your nose. -You're good. -This small area right here-- -Yes. -that's the lens of the eye. -Wow! -All right. -And you're right. This is our little cutey, oh. -Wow! -But I saw him up [unk]. -Oh, it's eating. It-- or she is eating. -He's sleeping. -He feeds on the amniotic fluid. -Wow! Oh, look at that. -See that? Look at that. -Oh, my God, he's hungry. -Cute. -Wow! -What are these? -Those are the legs. -Oh. -So cross-section of the legs. So, you kinda like can see the legs like this. -Yehey, these are the pictures. This is going in baby's first photo album. -Beautiful fingers. They're in front of her face right now, right in front of the nose and lips which is right here. -[unk]. -Fantastic. You can-- able to feel it ticking. -Yesterday was the first day I felt it. -Okay. -That was so exciting. -Yeah. -I can see the eyes. -Yes. And here's the nose and lips which we've already seen. Look at that chewing, see? -Oh. -Chewing? -Isn't it? -Yeah. -Or sucking the fluid. Oh, there it is. That's the little mouth. -Here's your baby's spine. Look at that. That's why the baby has to move normally so that the bones develop a right amount of calcium [unk]. I'm studying the fetal heart. -And there's the pulmonary artery and the aorta. The heart is my favorite. The whole heart is just about the size of the quarter right now. -I know. -And here, you're seeing the pulmonary artery. So all the parts of a human, heart, the arteries-- -They're all already there. -[unk]. -That's amazing. -Everything is good. No worries and-- -Yeah. Yeah. No worries. No concerns. I'm happy. -Now, doctors we talked to say the terms sonogram and ultrasound are used interchangeably. Technically, the ultrasound is the procedure and the sonogram is the picture. Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives.