After Baby

Body After Baby

Dr. Georgia Witkin and new moms discuss how pregnancy changed their body.

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-Hi. I'm Dr. Georgia Witkin. -And I'm Kimberly Pauley. -And I'm Kimberly's mother. -And I'm the mother of two boys. -Which makes me G.G. for Grandma Georgia. -So, welcome to G.G. and me. -We talk about everything. -Well the reason I talk to my mother about everything is that she is a professor of psychiatry, professor of OB GYN. She has written 10 books on stress, and she is a Fox News contributor. -And Kimberly is a lawyer, a columnist, a college professor and pregnant. -So, we're gonna be talking about pregnancy, please join us. -Okay, I'm sure this is your favorite topic of all. Body changes before and after pregnancy. But first, say hello. -My name is Kimberly Pauley, and I have two sons and I'm pregnant with my third son. -I'm Jenny Vynerib, this is Oliver. I have two daughters in addition to him. He is a little cranky, so-- -I am Susan Krauss. I have a three and a half year old son and a two-week-old son. -Okay. So, what part of your body change the most when you're pregnant? -My breasts. -I think critically. -Got-- did obviously get so enormous that-- -Yeah. -and before it-- that it's annoying, and difficult, and yes. That's the one I would say. -But the baby will be very happy. -Very happy. -Yeah. -Yeah. I think obviously, your stomach. But the downside is that-- is that even when the stomach starts to go, the love handles stay. -Yes. -It's kind of the residue. -Yeah. -I would say, probably like my rear area. My rear and my bottom, the bottom half of my body. Its funny, I don't change that much up top, I don't have the issue that-- -No. I have that, too. My-- -Oh. The bottom. -seven-year-old told me that my butt is growing in the same proportion as my stomach. Yes. Yes. He said that, "When pregnant-- when people get pregnant, do-- does that mean that their butt gets as big as their stomach?" -Did you tell him you carry in your [unk]? -No. I told him he was not to have desserts for the next few days. -He was punished. -How about husbands? I mean, are they making comments? Are you worried about it, or do you say, "Hey, I'm carrying for both of us." You know, they're gonna have to deal. -I actually, interestingly enough, my husband-- when I actually-- no. I think this is probably true for a lot of-- My husband likes me with the extra weight on me. -Really? -Yeah. I mean, he thinks that I am-- he likes bigger women and thinks that I'm scrawny. He has said, "You're too skinny" some time. And likes when I have like more up top and more in the back. So, with-- as far as him, it's okay. It's more me, it's more me. -Oh. See, I knew I was mad when David walked into the bathroom one night and I was changing, and he looked to me and he said, "Whoa." -Right. -Men are always like that. -You could measure my reaction to that, right? -I was actually telling my mother that I was-- when we were in bed. I think that was actually my last pregnancy, not this pregnancy, but-- or may be even my first. But I was backing up in bed towards him and he went "Beep, beep, beep." -That's actually very funny. -But I think it's funny because I know that he has no problem with it-- -Right. -And I'm not concerned with him and I am more worried about myself, and I know how I feel comfortable, what weight I feel comfortable. I have no concern about him and he knows that if, you know, he was ever going to actually say something that would hurt my feelings, that he would be the one ultimately to pay. -Right. -So, yeah. I think it is okay and funny as long as you know, and you are comfortable-- -Yeah. -with yourselves. -So you're really saying, you have to understand that you're pregnant, not fat. Guess how long it's supposed to take for your body to get back according to physicians? -Two years. -Same length with the pregnancy, nine months. How much if this is a pressure on you, there you are. Right, you're exhausted, you have all these visitors, you have the baby. I heard recently that a lot of women postpone baby parties, whether they're birthdays or christenings. They have it privately, and then they have the party two months later so they're back in shape. I mean, is that so important after you've given birth. -Yes. -It is? That's what you think? -Yeah. -Just to getting back to feeling like yourself. -I think that's kind of what it is. And whether that's weight thing or, you know-- 'cause it can also be an appearance, and it isn't so much about weight. I mean, I don't know how you guys feel. -I don't think it's so much about weight. -So, you guys have been telling this is not your first children. What's your piece of advice for those going to their first pregnancy when it comes to their body afterwards? -I think they should look forward to getting into their clothes again, but not beat themselves up at how fast they're gonna do it. Think it's exciting to know, "Oh, I can wear those pair of jeans next fall," and make that your goal. -Yeah. But be realistic, too. -I think that, okay you have to be realistic and-- sorry-- I think also another important thing, is you are so tired at the beginning. I mean, my baby is almost four weeks old, I can't even imagine starting to exercise anytime soon 'cause I'm too sleep-deprived. So, you have to take a little time for that as well. So give your self a little slack. -Want to add something? -Just also that, you know, your body may be different after having a baby in wonderful ways, too. You may not get in that pair of jeans or in that outfit but, you know, your body is changing. -I like the wonderful ways, that's great. -There can be some wonderful ways. -Absolutely, let's help some. Thank you.