Christmas Crafts shows you how to add sparkle to your Christmas tree with some easy to make decorations.

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-So, there's something really special about pulling that box of handmade Christmas decorations down from the attic and then reminiscing as you unwrap the ones that the kids made and you hang them on the tree. We're gonna add to your collection today because we have got another great Christmas craft that the kids will love to make. I'm Julia Claire with Parents TV and I'm very excited because we have two special guests in the studio. Parents Magazine Lifestyle Director Amanda Kingloff, thanks for coming in. -Of course. -Can you show us how to make Santa's elf to the Christmas tree? And my 6-year-old daughter, Daniela, is here with us today. She's gonna help us out because you love any kind of arts and crafts. Right, honey? -Yeah. I love every art and craft that I can make better and very easy. -See? I told you she loved them. So, first, before we get to the great Santa's elf that we're gonna make, tell us about some of the others quickly that seem so easy to do with kids. -Sure. Sure. The tree is always a great place to start and these are three simple ornaments that kids can help you make. The first one is a felt bird and basically, you'll download the template from of the bird shape and the wing shape. And you just decorate it with little sequence and glue them on and then we instead of putting a hanger, we just put a close pin on the bag. -So simple to do. -So you can just clip it right onto the tree. It's so easy. -Okay. -And then we have these beautiful painted Christmas balls. They're just plain glass with acrylic paint. You just put a few drops in, swirl it around slowly and you get these really beautiful-- -And they look professional. -They're really beautiful. -They are because you made them, right? -And then we also have these really fun snow flake ornaments and they're made just from popsicle sticks, craft sticks and buttons. -The extra buttons you have lined around the house. -Exactly and so you can color code them or make them all mixed up. -I love the garland. -The garland. The garland is so easy again, like you could be in the kitchen cooking and your children can be making this. It's just chenille stems, all different colors. Double a twisted into two loops and every so often there's a sweet little jingle bell. -These are great too. These are actually puppets. -Puppets. They are actually sock puppets, old fashion sock puppet. And they're just decorated with little beads and buttons and ribbons for scarves and the hats are little black baby socks. -So cute. -So cute. -And just very quickly, we have a personalized stocking, right? -Yes. -These are actually just knee socks from American apparel and we made a sweet little tag that we trace on to felt, cut out, decorate it with a little jewel. -Very cute and the wreath. -And the wreath. -And the kids can gather these things. -Yes. Send them out to the backyard for acorns, pinecones, sticks, whatever. Glue them on to the wreath, spray Paint it white and then just for a touch of color, just with a little paintbrush, just go and dab on some color onto the acorns-- -And for all the instructions, -Let's make our elf. -Okay. Okay. -You wanna help? -Yeah. -Okay good. -Okay let's do it. -What's first? -So, first we're gonna start with a chenille stem. -Okay. -I mean, it can be any color because you're really not gonna see much of it and we're gonna blend it right in half. -Easy enough. -Easy enough. And then the first thing we're gonna do is pick our body color. So, you're gonna pick a bean. -Daniela knows what she wants. -Yes, she's a woman who knows what she wants. And you're gonna thread it over. -Where do I put it? -Exactly, just over the top and pull it down a little bit. -Perfect. -And then we're gonna take a face bid and these are available at any craft store. They already have a little face painted on them. -And again, just goes right on top. -You don't even need my help, honey. And then every elf has to have a hat, right? So, I made these sweet little elf hats, they're just a semi-circle of felt, -Uh-hmm. -and they're just glued together. -Which color? -And it makes a sweet little hat 'cause right over on to sit--. -It just sits there. -How cute is that? -They're cute. And so now, you have the legs. These are-- these make the perfect legs. So, you're gonna take we have more wooden beads and you can use any kind of beads that you have and you're just gonna make, just string them on until it reaches the little feet. -How about our hand and a new string? -Okay. -Okay, you take it. -And I kinda like to mix and match. -This is so easy and a lot of fun to do. -So easy and it's not messy. There's no glue and there's no paint, it's a really easy clean craft. So, then at the end you're just-- you're gonna leave a little extra bit of chenille stem because you're gonna bend them up. It makes the feet and it also makes a stopper so the beads don't come off. -Okay. And finally-- -And finally, we have arms and again, this is just another chenille stem but it's half of a chenille stem. -Okay. -And you make the little hands by bending the chenille stem at the ends. And this, you're just gonna sort of wrap right around the little neck area and oh my goodness, we have a person. -And it's done. -It's done. -And it came through to the scarf on the end. -And then you can put a little scarf again made out of felt and you just fringe the ends with scissors and wrap it around his neck. -Amanda, thank you so much. -You're welcome. -Great ideas for the holidays. Daniela, you keep working on yours, okay? All right. Thank you both so much. -Thank you. -It's great to have you here and if you would like to see the instructions for the Santa's elf or for any of the crafts that we have here today, you can go to Thanks so much for watching Parents TV. We'll see you next time everybody. Okay, green this time? -Stop.