Push Presents

Cool Push Presents

There's a growing post-partum trend: Push presents. See what some dads are giving to new mothers after they go through the birthing process.

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-Although your baby is the best present of all, many moms are getting a little something extra for giving the gift of life. -Push gift are also known as push presents or baby baubles and they're basically a gift that you get for pushing the baby out. Usually, you [unk] a husband would present it to his wife right after she had given birth. -And more and more man are blocking up for this growing post partum trend. -They're a little bit controversial. A lot of people say, you know, shouldn't the baby just be gift enough? And of course, the baby is gift enough but you know, the mom has been carrying the baby for nine months, not eating some other foods you like going that extra miles, takes super good care of the body and labor delivery is no walk in the park. So, you know, we think that it's great to kind of mark that achievement of giving birth by a very personal gift. -Catherine Zach's got a diamond necklace from her husband after giving birth to son, Dylan, now 5. -It's something that if you have children, boy or girl, whatever you could give them and you say, look, daddy gave this to me when you were born so now, I'm giving it to you. But yeah, labor is really tough. So, it's nice to have like something to look forward to that's apart from the child of course, which is the ultimate reward in this whole thing. -Two years later after the birth of her daughter, Caroline, she received an antique diamond bracelet. -Yeah, that was something that you couldn't get from the jeweler. It's something that is very unique that he purchased elsewhere but it was beautiful and it went perfectly with it. And what was great was she was a girl, so she will actually get you know, both push gifts. So that for me it was a wonderful gift to have that. -But Catherine says a push gift doesn't have to be extravagant. -For me it goes back to what is that is meaningful to you because in the long run, 20, 30 years from now, the money is not gonna be-- not gonna matter, but it's when you look back upon it, you know, what it mean to you at that moment in time. Lifestyle Editor Sasha Emmons agrees. -It shouldn't really be about the money. It should be about choosing something that's really personal and something that really captures this new relationship that you're going to have as parents. -So, what's a guy to get? Sasha has a few suggestions. -Of course, jewelry is kind of the mainstay. One piece of mom jewelry that we love is this tag necklace, available at and at her store she has these great dog tag style necklaces. You can have your child's name or initial. They're very chunky and industrial looking, very modern and something that you could just put on everyday, you don't have to think about, it goes with everything and it has your child's name on it. Another really classic idea that lots of dads go with is the birthstone rings and you wanna look for some that are stackable that will look good together as you build your family over the years. When we were looking for great push presents, we came upon this artist calling bird and she makes jewelry that incorporates thumb prints of your loved ones. So, what you'll do is you send away for this little thumbprint kit. Put your baby's little tiny thumbprint using the kit and then send away for this necklace and the necklace comes back that you can have your child's name etched in it. It could be a heart, they have several different designs, we love the heart. And so you're pairing your baby's thumbprint close to your heart. One thing that a lot of parents to be don't know is that those first few months after the baby is born is really a great time to travel. The baby will just secure the whole thing. You'll be able to go to the beach, baby will often sleep through a lot of that. So, you know, we would recommend that husbands plan a trip or talk with their wives about planning a trip pretty soon after the baby is born. -Another simple suggestion is a set of mom calling cards like these from Mommy Card. They include the mother's name and contact info along with her child's name to give out to other moms for play date. But in the end, it really is the thought that counts. -It's really important for you to think about what is it that you really wanna give her because obviously we both created this child and this is, you know, she's the one that had to carry it and she's the one that had to push it out, so give this her present. But what are you comfortable giving her? Because I really believe that it's meaningful to you, it will be meaningful to her.