Kids Organized

Keeping Kids Organized

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-Stepped into the kid's rooms lately? It can be pretty scary. Most children are not known for their organizational skills, right? And that means more work for mom. But keeping the kids organized can be fun and rewarding at the same time. Holly shows us how to get it together with some help from Parents Magazine and Discover Card. -Wow. Okay. Right. Oh, my gosh. Moms, why do kids' rooms look like a tornado hit it? I don't even think they know what's in there. It's time to get organized. Only, I think it's time for them to do the organizing. Let's see if we can motivate them. Kids. Okay, you guys. Mom has a confession to make. I've been peeking into your rooms at night while you sleep, and getting rid of toys for years. -I've been looking for that yellow stuff there. -But you know what? I actually think you guys are old enough, and mature enough now to make those decisions. We're gonna have a big family yard sale. And we're gonna get rid of stuff, make some cash to put towards a family vacation. Everybody has to play their part, though. Everybody has to come up with $15 each. So, you have to sell some stuff to make $15 that we'll all put together, and then, we're gonna go on vacation. Where do you guys want to go? Let's go somewhere warm, with beaches. Florida, California. -California. -You wanna go to California? -Yeah. -Okay. You guys go get to work on your room, sorting things out, and I'll go book our vacation. -Okay. -Okay. In all honesty, we were actually gonna plan a family vacation. But this way, the kids are involved and they feel like they're contributing. They have a little more ownership on a family vacation. And you know what? Nobody needs a vacation more than moms. So, I'm excited that we're all gonna finally do this together. Okay, you guys. It's not really just about cleaning your rooms, it's about making decisions, right? -Right. -So, we have to decide what we wanna keep, what we wanna give away. Give it one last kiss. Okay. -All right. -Everything else. Right. And then, what you want to keep, we're gonna organize. And these great little things, this one will be out of the way, and we're gonna lock it, and actually play in the playroom. Good job. The keeper. Okay. You guys keep making good decisions. I'm gonna go check on the boys. Probably having a tough time. Good luck. -Good job, sis. -How's it going here, you guys? Oh, it looks good. Are you getting rid of some stuff? -Yeah. -Yeah. -Good boy. You know, you can't really go on a family vacation all the time, but little incentives here and there are good motivators to get them to clean and organize and kind of manage their own little world. I'm proud of you, guys. Are you ready for vacation? I booked it. We're going. And you guys will help making it happen. $15 a kid. -It's all ready. -Okay. I guess if I'm asking the kids to make changes and get rid of stuff, then I should do the same thing. Time to go through the closet. Way to go, you guys. I think we have been making super successful yard sales. How do you feel? Do you feel proud of yourselves? -Yeah. -You do? I felt very proud of you. Is there anything else maybe around here we can get rid of? Anything? Oh, all right. Well, this is good. Okay, moms. When we all work together as a team, there's nothing we can't do. And the whole family gets to enjoy the rewards. We're going on family vacation. Let's go. -Would you like to have a garage sale and get the whole family involved? Then go to for some great ways to get your kids involved in your day to day tasks. You'll find checklists, resources, and other tips on how to get it together, courtesy of Parents Magazine and Discover Card.