Kickball Style

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-Everyone has memories of the schoolyard games that we loved to play as kids. For most of us, those days are gone. But do they have to be? As Holly and Marni find out, you don't have to give up recess just because you've grown up. Here's this week's summer of fun, It Mom adventure. -Hey, batter, batter, batter. -Remember the days when we we're playing until the sun went down without any regard for responsibility, nutrition or sleep? -We never wanted to come in. We were having so much fun with friends, a blast. Well, we wanna introduce that same blast to you as moms. We're gonna play a little kickball. -Here you go. -Can I just say that, honestly, I had no idea that something like this even existed, much less that this many people would come here. -Run it out, run it out, beauty. -That's a strategy. -Just like baseball? -It is very similar to baseball. What you do is, there's two bounces as it comes in, and then you kick, and then you run. It's a very simple game. -Here you go. -Go, go, go, go! -All right. You watch it. You know you're gonna- -I've been [unk]-- -It is a playground sport and it is meant to be fun. But when you get on a team that's competitive, you're expected to perform. -I have no idea what I'm doing. What's my job? What's my job? -Basically, you gotta cover third- -Right. -Right? You cover the third. -What third, third base? All right, let's catch this one. -Sun is going down and I'm not even thinking about tomorrow. -That was close. Can you feel that? Yeah? -Yeah. -And now, it's coed. -It is coed, yeah. -There's moms on the team. There's- -There's lawyers, there's moms, there's doctors, they-- We-- last season, we had a tournament and one of our players had to quit because she was on call. We have 4 girls on each team and 7 guys. That's the rules. -Okay. I'll give you that too-- -Thanks for sharing. -What is your favorite part of coming out here? Is it the sport or is it the people? -Yeah, it's-- you know, it's- I'm a competitive guy. But it's both. I have a great time with the people and I have a great time playing. -Girl against girl. -Here we go. -You run. I'm not a good runner. [unk]. Yes. Yay. Way to have fun. Nice teamwork. -There's something for everyone, every skill level, every age level. It's a great way to just, just meet people and get that work day angst out. -We're gonna rip it [unk]. -Come on. Hey. -Go. Go. -Yeah, baby! Yeah! -We're gonna rip it out. -Yay. Awesome job. -Totally feel good. -One, two, three. Good game with them! -Save me! Work it. Save me. Nice job. That's gotta look like a little bit of fun. Yeah, really, really fun. [unk] report in your area. Let's get water. -Now, I need some water. -Oh, yeah. -What fun and for the record, Holly did score a point for the home team and Marni took a good header to the shin. Well, whether it's kickball, four square, or three-legged race, take the time to play with other kids, adult kids. And maybe wear shin guards.