Family Portrait

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Hey it's gone on behind now once that's perfect family and a hanging on our lop off that picture. Today we have an award winning photographer who can give us as it used -- have. How to get the Big Three -- -- -- yeah excited now I just -- that kind of thing. Where anything. We want to demean him and haven't come Halloween photography jam in the area that battle irons. Owner Stanley says fine I've got a family of three kids and -- my partners -- injured they have two children so limited and we have vital years. And -- -- the idea being that his life I won't want -- family themselves. Happy fun outdoors moving into an extreme need an angry at him. Very much so and it. We hope this sort of kind of tells a story captures certain moments certain emotion like him. The smiles and looks and everybody's eyes speak to them they don't need to do something about your child or your husband. And I think actually -- really he didn't -- tiger he's certainly is and it's not -- great day. All right now mom and dad Matthew certain. That connection that's been looking where there's a very strong bond within a family. I contact beautifully look at you me or your daughter. You and certainly there is imposing we move people into situations. -- simulate situations takeover and it's kind of an organic process legislation and we eat together. Dead natural finding actual -- just when you're with your family we just have been teaching there and we let it go and -- looking for the Lou. Good and now we're gonna have you hold hands and walked towards it would almost started -- a little more formal than that phenomena that -- peninsula towards okay. Frank they're innocent humans. Big. People shouldn't go to photographers and look what's happened -- they hope what can you do this. More than likely they can embedded in them. The finest photographers. You know appeals to you that even when you look at their portfolio -- get home and there should be chemistry between in the future. Talk about making a couple of them again they're gonna be effective let her little. Some say at last we heard from the sacks and had thought about art and photography. Everybody -- themselves. You can't patent complaints about your picture is funny. And beautiful there I am eight. Thank you for watching parents TV. Our families -- life.