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Are you drowning in a sea of clutter at home? Parents TV's Kim Singer shows how a professional organizer can help you cut the clutter at your house. Don't miss these simple tips and techniques.

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Does this look all too familiar? Is this your life? Living in a sea of clutter can rob you of time and peace of mind. -It makes me feel confused and disorganized, and I can't think straight. -A busy mother of three, Nancy Russell's big problem is paper, photos, and personal memorabilia. -And I feel like if I throw anything away, it'll be something that I need. -After years of trying to get organized, Nancy called Restoring Order, a professional organizing company. She found it at -People call because it's out of control, and they need help. They want to manage their paperwork or their photos, and it's overwhelming for them. -Okay. This is trash. -As a professional organizer, Katie Skagerberg helps Nancy set up personalized systems. -So, we want to set up systems that are intuitive to each client. And we wanna create long-term change. -Restoring Order's top tips, make time everyday to deal with incoming paperwork and mail. -Most people weren't taught how to do that. -Set up a processing center to help you prioritize your papers. -Things that you need to take action on right away versus things that can really wait. -Oh, this is the best picture. -And get those family photos into albums or photo boxes. -This is Jay-R. -Okay. -I'm not sure what year it is. -The plusses are being able to find your photos when you want them, and be able to share those memories with family going forward. -Just taking the first step can be the hardest step to getting organized. But calling in a professional organizer may be the best first step you can make. -You know, you're frustrated, and you're overwhelmed, and we can help you get from point A to point B if you're ready and willing to invest in the process. -The best part is I have hope. I feel like I can get somewhere. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.