with Croup

Child with Croup

The video shows a boy who is suffering from an attack of croup. The coughing and the breathing difficulties are characteristic of this condition. The boy gradually gets better when his father takes him out into the cool air.

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This little boy has croup. The croup symptoms came after he'd gone to bed. Listen to the sound he makes when he breathes in. This noisy breathing is what we call stridor. He also has a harsh barking cough, which is very common with croup. Here, his father has brought him outside, so the boy can breathe in colder air, which sometimes helps with croup. The boy still has some noisy breathing, but now seems more relaxed. The cold air has reduced the swelling of his airways. His stridor is still present. A few minutes later, the child is much better. He doesn't have as much stridor, and falls asleep in his father's arms. This boy's father did the right thing. He recognized the signs of croup and fortunately, knew exactly what to do to help his son's breathing difficulties.