to Treat an Asthma Attack

How to Treat an Asthma Attack

The video shows a boy with asthma. We can see the boy having an asthma attack and then having inhalation treatment. Finally we see him breathing more easily following the treatment. Listen to the boy breathing out. The breathing is labored, which is characteristic of asthma.

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This boy has an asthma attack. Observe the retractions under and between the ribs. Here, you can see retractions in the neck, and here, retractions between the ribs. He really has difficulty breathing out. Here, the boy gets treatment by a nebulizer filled with medicine that expands the airways and the lungs. Again, you can see the retractions between the ribs. Here, you can see the boy one hour after treatment. His breathing problems are clearly reduced. The next day, he is breathing almost normal without signs of retractions.