to Stop Bleeding

How to Stop Bleeding

Step-by-step instructions on how to stop bleeding in children.

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How to stop a bleeding. Apply a compress, piece of gauze or clean cloth, and press directly on the site of the bleeding until the bleeding stops. Don't let go to look at it for at least 5 minutes. Continue to press against the side of the bleeding even if the bleeding does not stop when the wound is bandaged. If the bleeding comes through the compress, do not remove it but apply a new compress on top and continue to exert pressure on the wound until the bleeding stops. Apply a pressure bandage if there is arterial bleeding, pulsing, bright red blood. This could be a stone or other firm object placed on top of the compress which is then held firmly in place with strips of gauze or cloth. Without relaxing pressure, lift the part of the body that is bleeding so that it is higher than the child's heart. Do not move any arms or legs that could be broken and never move a child if there is any possibility of a head, neck, or spinal cord injury. Do not try to take out foreign bodies that are stuck in the wound. This may result in heavy bleeding. Keep the child warm. Wrap clothes or rugs around him or her if you we're outdoors. If there are signs of circulatory failure, have the child lie down, if not already doing so, and lift the child's legs so that the blood flows to the heart and brain. Call 911 immediately.