Treatment for Burns

Home Treatment for Burns

Step-by-step instruction on how to treat child-related burns at home.

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-Home treatment. Cool the burned area immediately. This is even more important than getting to a doctor quickly. For first- and second-degree burns, use water at a temperature that is cool but not ice-cold. Use whatever you have available: a bathtub, shower, hose, fountain, lake, or seawater. Do not put ice or snow directly on a burn as they can cause frostbite. If necessary, wrap ice or snow in a towel and hold that on the burn. Cooling should continue for at least 10 minutes. Cooling will relieve the child's pain and will also prevent the burn injury from penetrating deeper into the skin. Do not rub the burn because this can cause blisters to form. Use special burn bandages if you have them available. These bandages consist of a water-based gel that has a cooling effect, reduces the pain, and keeps the wound clean and moist.